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What happens when important registry key permissions like ProductOptions are denied!

Environment: WIN2K8R2 (WIN5.X and WIN6.X both work, except I find this problem is more prominent on 2K8R2)

Problem: Read permission is denied for the [administrators] group of the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlProductOptions] key, causing the system to fail to boot

Solution: Use the SYSTEM privilege to change the denied administrators privilege back


1. Create an interactive service with the SC command for the purpose of starting something with SYSTEM privileges ~ e.g. CMD

sc create SysCmd binPath= "cmd /k start" type= own type= interact

Operates as shown.

2. Revoke the denial of permission for the key

3, the problem is solved ~ you can delete the service you just created after the matter is completed

In the unfortunate event that a reboot/shutdown has already been done and the system can no longer be accessed.

1, use another WIN5.X/6.X system regedit to load the registry configuration unit where the key is located, the configuration unit is located in the SYSTEM file in [%windir%System32config] of the system in question

2. 3 steps above

3. Uninstall the configuration unit so that changes are saved

4. solved, the problem system back to normal boot


:: The right of abstraction is derived from the Internet. Thanks to the egg-crushing mashers!

● The reason why this problem is more prominent on W2K8R2 is that on other systems, after checking the Deny Permissions box, you can still uncheck it again and successfully [Apply] as long as you don't close the Permissions Settings dialog, but W2K8R2 can't apply it

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