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What is a DAS storage architecture?

1. Overview

Direct Attached Storage (das) for open systems, where storage devices (disk arrays, tape drives and libraries, CD-ROM libraries), etc. are connected directly to the server, and the connection channel to the server is usually a SCSI connection.

The das storage architecture is the most traditional and common way to connect and is easy to understand, plan and implement. The topology of the direct-attached storage architecture can be found in the following figure.

2. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages


(1) Simple configuration and rapid deployment and implementation.

(2) Separation of application data and operating system can be achieved: the operating system is generally stored in the server's hard disk, while the application data is placed in the das storage.

(3) No need for professional staff to operate and maintain, saving the user's investment.


(1) Storage resources are not fully utilized, i.e., each DAS storage device is only used by one server, and it is not possible to achieve simultaneous use of one DAS storage for multiple servers and dynamic allocation on demand, which will result in a waste of storage resources.

(2) The bandwidth of SCSI connections is limited, which limits the I/O capacity for data access.

(3) For environments where multiple DAS stores exist, the devices are scattered and inconvenient to manage.

(4) The server itself is the bottleneck in the performance of the DAS storage architecture.

(5) If data backups are to be performed, the backups take up server resources, as the data stream needs to flow back to the server and then to the backup storage to which the server is attached.

(6) The migration and high availability functions of virtual machines provided by some virtualization software are not supported for use in a DAS environment.

(7) Expansion from a single server to a cluster (Cluster) of multiple servers or expansion of storage array capacity, regardless of DAS storage or server expansion, can cause downtime of business systems. And upgrade extensions for direct-attached storage or server hosts are generally only available from the original equipment vendor and are often limited by the original equipment vendor.

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