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What is smart forestry

Intelligent forestry refers to the full use of cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, mobile country networking and other new generation information technology, through the perception of the means of perception, IOT, intelligent, shaped forest energy three-dimensional sense of knowledge. Management synergy and efficiency, ecological value, and service inside and outside. A new model for the development of forestry in the body.

Cloud computing is an emerging approach to information sharing architecture. It can connect huge scattered pieces of teaching hardware and data together to create a virtual operating environment that provides a variety of hardware. Software. Application and storage services.

IoT technology is mainly through intelligent sensing, recognition technology and computing. The convergence of networks is applied to build a networked information system that covers all people and things, enabling a seamless connection between the physical (real) world and the information (virtual) world.

Big data technology is the volume of data involved, so large that it cannot be accessed, managed, and processed in a reasonable amount of time by the current mainstream software tools. And organized into information to help managers fast-track their strategies. Of course big data technology is not only about having huge amounts of data information, but mainly about specializing in processing this data containing meaning.

Sensitization, which is the use of sensing devices (e.g., infrared, laser, radio frequency identification) and intelligent terminals to enable forestry resources such as forests, wetlands, sands, wildlife and other forestry resources in forestry systems to sense each other and to have ready access to the required data and information environment ; Interconnection is the use of intranet and extranet to establish horizontally coherent and vertically smooth network nodes throughout the end of the system to achieve information transmission. Interaction and sharing to provide access to efficient networks for smart forestry; Intelligence, which is the use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and various sensing devices. Technology in smart terminals, automation equipment, etc., to achieve fast pick, accurate information collection, calculation, processing and management services intelligence.

In general, the key to smart forestry is to develop a modern mode of operation that is interactive, integrated and proactive through the development of unified technical standards and management service specifications; The essence of wisdom forestry is to achieve a new model of intelligent, safe, ecological and harmonious development of forestry:The means of wisdom forestry is to reflect the wisdom of wisdom forestry through three-dimensional sensing system, management synergy system, ecological value system and convenient service system. The purpose of intelligent forestry is to promote the synergistic promotion of forestry resource management, ecosystem construction and green industry development in order to maximize ecological, economic and social comprehensive benefits as a wisdom project

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