What is the big mommy grocery shopping trading mindset, TRAck trading strategy

Zhang Da Ma went to the market every day to buy food, she has a habit, the price of high vegetables will certainly not buy, but there are exceptions if you see a stall around a lot of people to buy again, she does not care whether the dish is good or bad, is the price is high or low, he also want to follow the wind type to follow this group of people to buy. In the trade is to see the euro are up so much and then do not buy it will have to go up buy some, and when you enter you find that you bought in not the highest is also quite high on the position. That's the Big Mama style of teaching thinking.

What is Big Momma's Grocery Shopping Trading Mindset Listen to some of the clips from my coaching session last night at

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K line is a universal indicator in trading, but we look at trading is indeed the average, RSI, and others MACD as the king of indicators, I think K line is the king of indicators is the fundamental technical analysis, the following set of bare K analysis of the course, is to K line to determine the future direction, grasp the point of view of trading momentum outbreak of such a complete trading system, K line trading is the second fastest response to trading methods, that the first fast is not K line, is the price depth of this in the ordinary traders have not been popular at the same time the depth of the market needs to pay, so K line for ordinary traders or the only choice.

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