What is the open character of the blockchain

The blockchain is open in nature, everyone is free to join the blockchain and get all the information, the whole system is highly transparent and only the private information of the parties is encrypted.

The Bitcoin network is completely open at the system level, and individual members can use various characters to make information public while keeping it secure. This determines that the blockchain system is open, except for the private information of the parties to the transaction which is encrypted, the data of the blockchain is open to everyone, and anyone can query the blockchain data and develop related applications through the open interface, making the information of the whole system highly transparent.

Blockchain and the insurance industry have combined to produce a kind of P2P insurance business. In this blockchain insurance, the insurance company simply provides an insurance marketplace where users are free to put forward their insurance requirements and other users can bid for this policy, both one-to-one and one-to-many, anyone in this marketplace can send insurance requirements for all to see and see everyone else's insurance requirements, and they are free to choose to continue to join or withdraw after the coverage is over, all information is public, this model can reduce the cost of insurance companies. In the near future, blockchain technology will become a popular technology in the insurance industry.

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