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What is the specific concept or model of an artificial intelligence trading system?

What is artificial intelligence AI trading

Some say it's deep learning, others say it's good market measurement, but it's mostly vague because it seems China is still a lot behind in this area, and it has always seemed that the Chinese broadcaster quantitative trading team is trying to do this, but it's a bit underwhelming in terms of visibility.

Artificial intelligence trading systems are not simply a matter of throwing AI quants in and making money, if that were true it would only lead to one result, the trading market would disappear from the face of the earth.

In practice, it seems that the main use of AI for effective strategies is not to throw a bunch of data in to tell you that one will go up, but to work on some specific parameters to add accuracy to certain details of the prediction. The current approach for most people is still to use the AI to do a predicted up or down probability ranking, and then choose based on the AI's ranking of the up or down predictions and its confidence rate. But the actual results are shockingly poor.

Effective strategies generally apply AI to some specific aspects of traditional strategies, such as using RL in arbitrage to predict the direction of relative spread movements, for example, using LSTM and GAN with turnover rates to predict whether the equilibrium point is higher or lower relative to the current value, and then using some traditional models or strategies with for intelligent processing.

So AI trading is AI artificial intelligence technology that goes beyond the human brain and is here to replace the team technology of a traditional exchange, thus giving traders the maximum degree of protection. People should not go into a misconception that AI trading is a sudden move of money into an account as soon as you turn on your computer. Who's stupid enough to give it money for nothing? It doesn't make logical sense.

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