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What kind of a book is A Study of the Market for the Trading of Rights in China's Television Series?


《我国电视剧版权交易市场研究》 edition of a book


The book was written by the executive director of the Western National Copyright Exchange and

Chairman of Xi'an TV Drama Copyright Trading Center

By Dr. Lei Dang






What are the features that are different compared to previous studies?


Let's take a series of questions



This is a research report that compares the development of China's TV drama industry from the perspective of copyright trading.




(1) Implementation of "in-venue trading" of TV series copyrights based on a permanent open exchange market to prevent corruption, counteract ratings falsification and allow the healthy development of the TV series industry

All the characteristics and problems of the TV industry are reflected in the TV trading segment. In China's TV drama copyright trading, it has long been in a state of "small-circle" trading, without relying on open and permanent trading institutions, and conducting copyright trading by means of competitive bidding, which also breeds corruption in the procurement of TV dramas, thus leading to problems such as falsification of ratings and excessive remuneration of stars.


(2) Calling on TV drama industry practitioners to pay more attention to TV drama copyright validation, trading and protection

Since its establishment, Xi'an TV Drama Copyright Trading Center has been committed to promoting the construction of a system for the confirmation, trading and protection of TV drama copyrights. In 2012, the Copyright Center was entrusted by the Shaanxi Provincial Copyright Bureau to carry out copyright registration work and took the lead in promoting the copyright registration system in the TV drama industry. In recent years, TV industry players have become more and more aware of copyright, which is a good sign. At the same time, the market also needs copyright service providers to provide more professional and detailed copyright services. It is proposed to implement a mandatory registration system for TV series copyrights, which can reduce transaction costs and enhance transaction efficiency, which is beneficial to the sound development of the entire industry. In terms of dispute handling mechanisms, it is recommended that attention be paid to mediation and arbitration mechanisms for TV series copyright disputes, through which problems can be resolved privately, quickly and efficiently.

(3) Relying on big data and artificial intelligence technology to improve investment decision-making and reduce investment risks in film and television projects



(1) Uniqueness of perspective

There are many books that have studied the TV drama market in the past, and there are annual TV drama industry analysis reports, but there are almost no monographs that study the TV drama market from the perspective of TV drama rights trading. This is the uniqueness of this book's research perspective.


The Study on China's TV Drama Copyright Trading Market is based on the summary of the exploration and practical experience of the TV Drama Copyright Trading Center in the past eight years, so it does not talk about theory, but starts from practice, insists on problem orientation, combines some objective problems in the market, and gives responses at the theoretical level, which is another characteristic of this book.


(1) For professionals in the film and television industry.

More attention should be paid to the issue of copyright, to the confirmation and trading of TV series copyright, and to the protection of copyright; secondly, more attention should be paid to the application of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. These aspects will be enlightening for everyone.

(2) For those new to the profession or aspiring to a career in television drama.


As the author of this book, how would you recommend this book to others?

1)This is a research report that systematically compares the development of China's TV drama industry in its entirety. We hope that this will be of some help to those who need to understand the TV industry or wish to work in TV industry related jobs.

(2) I hope that this book can be used as an opportunity to exchange and discuss with experts in the film and television industry on some of the issues facing the television drama industry.特别是在新技术条件之下,我们可以采取哪些应对的措施?比如说共同推动大数据与影视的结合,影视与科技的融合,来让这个市场变得更好,一起营造一个更加健康有序的电视剧产业生态圈。

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