What level of chip technology has China reached now?

The representative of mobile phone chip domestic should be Huawei's Heisi Kirin, maybe not perfect, but should be able to reach the top of the world.

Supercomputer TaihuLight, the world's first, uses China's own proprietary Shenwei CPU. (About the supercomputer CPU, here to add: Shen Wei, the company acquired DEC's Alpha21164 architecture, which is still quite advanced, the first to reach 1G at the time when 500~600MHz was common, many designs were too advanced at that time

Domestic CPU industry support lags behind product technology needs, and the subsequent upgrade pressure is greater. At present, the domestic manufacturing process is backward, CPU-specific and high-performance manufacturing processes are still in their infancy, and domestic CPU products for servers and PCs still need to rely on foreign manufacturers. Second, China's IP output value is less than 10% of the world's, and the lack of high-end IP can hardly support the needs of design and manufacturing development. Domestic companies develop their own EDA tools, but they are still more often used in low-end products. In addition, the backwardness of equipment and material technology related to process manufacturing also restricts the upgrading of domestic manufacturing processes

The domestic CPU ecosystem is weak and slow to mature, limiting the scope for long-term development. Restricted by CPU intellectual property barriers and foreign CPU companies on business models, the current domestic isolated CPU ecological environment is weak and slow to mature, mainly in the form of few partners, scattered hardware and software ecological forces, the inability to establish the Wintel Alliance's synergy and win-win model, and the lack of integrated development and deep optimization between the upstream and downstream of the industry.

Application development and CPU development have not formed a positive interaction, and competitiveness has been slow to improve. The current domestic CPU research and development is still greatly dependent on the state project support and support, not combined with market demand, resulting in a more prominent disconnect between products and applications, and can not be sustainable development. At present, units at all levels are vigorously promoting the application of domestic CPUs, but because the ecology of operating systems and application software based on domestic CPUs is not rich, the current scale is small and the competitiveness of products is slow to improve.

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