What skills should a qualified web front-end programmer know in 2018?

The day before yesterday, I posted an article about the technology that you need to learn to become a programmer in 2018, some friends let me say a few words about the development trend of web front-end in the next few years, for this problem, I am sorry I can not help, web front-end technology is changing day by day, updated very quickly, who can not predict what will happen in the future.

Let's also just say that in 2018, the demand for react native and jquery will wane, compatibility requirements below ie10 are significantly lower, and vr is likely to be relegated to the front-end skill tree.

Here is a summary of some of the front-end technologies that web front-end programmers should master in 2018, and only if you master the following technologies will you be considered a qualified front-end programmer.

1, html, css, jQuery three completely mastered, I believe that every company for the front-end programmer will have this requirement, these are also the front-end writing web page of the basic technology.

2, mastering native JS and jQuery, able to independently complete a variety of popular PC web page effects, front and back-end interaction.

3, mastering native HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and being able to independently complete mobile page development.

4. knowledge of all the new features of ES6, such as: arrow operators, class support, enhanced object literals, string templates, destructuring, default argument values, indefinite arguments, expanded arguments, let and const keywords, for of value traversal, iterator, generator, modules, proxies, etc..

5 , proficiency in the use of the command line, including gulp, webpack, vue-cli, git.

6、 Understand common front-end design patterns( pretentious vocabulary), e.g. closed package、 object-oriented、MVC、MVVM、 Single data stream、 routing (in computer networks)、 unit test、SSR、 spaghetti、 modularization、 assembled、 functional、 pure function、 high order function、 immutable data;

7, can use at least one of the three major front-end frameworks, such as vue, Angular and react, maybe this year there is a framework will win, so if you have time, the three major frameworks to learn it.

8 、 familiarity with HTTP, Understanding requests、 responsiveness、 buffer memory、 agent、 reverse proxy https etc.;

9 、 (located) at GitHub At least one star surpass 42 s open source work;(markdown not count as)

10, in short, those who can write web pages for product managers are good front-end programmers.

Mastering the above web front-end development skills, I believe it is not a problem to get a monthly salary of 15K in the North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. If your skills still need to be improved, or just start learning front-end, you can also work towards these skills, I also hope to help friends who want to learn front-end.

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