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What smart products do hackers tend to "patronize"?

With the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, hacking computers and smartphones has become commonplace, and no matter how smart sellers brag about their products, there's no denying the fact that many smart home products are highly vulnerable to hacking. Now even if your home is locked there is nothing to stop a cyber attack from happening, come along and take a closer look at the risk of privacy breaches in your home.

1. Smart Home Control Center

This is like a virtual key to enter your home. As a central monitoring station for all connected smart home devices, it can alert emergency responders at the first sign of trouble. By hacking into the control center, cybercriminals can gain access to your home with impunity, and the smart control center is able to block communication between your various smart devices and the center.

2. Baby monitor camera

For busy doulas, baby monitors can be considered ideal for monitoring baby's safety and sleeping conditions, but there are still risks involved. There was a news report about a mother who installed a wireless surveillance camera at home to look after her two sons, who are less than 10 years old, but one day she suddenly found that the camera would shake from side to side by itself, and only after checking did she find that the camera had actually been hacked and turned into a live webcast.

3、Smart garage door

The ability for the garage door to open automatically when you've done a lot of shopping from the convenience store or are driving home from a long day at work is a real convenience and worry saver, I think. But it turns out that these conveniences also attract hackers who can gain access to your home by hacking into your garage door.

Defenses: users can choose more complex passwords to protect your garage and always access the field manually.

4、Smart bulb

If you're at work and you remember that the kitchen or bathroom lights were left on, that's when smart lights come to the fore. However, if they fall into the hands of an attacker, I guess you'll have to endure no light all night or all night long, which will then add more than just the electricity bill, and I guess your dark circles under your eyes.

5、Smart bracelet

Nowadays, more and more people use smart bracelets, which can help us monitor our exercise status and sleep quality, but most device manufacturers are unable to provide reliable information security. As a result, users' personal information may be secretly stored and used in unknown places. For example, our information may be traded and bought by commercial companies, drawing waves of phone calls from insurance companies ......

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