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What to do? My business website user traffic is down

In 2016, an obscure news story dominated the internet

After that, many business owners have found that their own website customer traffic has dropped to varying degrees, with some websites even experiencing a significant drop.

Some business owners don't realize that


It's actually quite simple.

Browser Market Share Ranking 2017

Chrome, the top-ranked browser, has a global market share of 63.60%, far ahead of Firefox and Internet Explorer, the second and third browsers, which have only 13% and 8% market share.

Chrome, which has a monopoly on the market, has let loose what almost amounts to a declaration of death for HTTP sites: the

Tagging sites that use the HTTP protocol as


This means that when a customer views your

HTTP connection to the site when

Signs like the following will appear

Users who are used to following the advice of various rogue security software often also have little knowledge of cyber security, and in some cases, a blank slate. With no way to tell if the next browsing action is safe, viewers often Obey the instructions of the browser


The user will subconsciously move the mouse

Click on the X in the top right corner of the page

Exit View

Find the next alternative site with similar services

Chrome's big move.

For companies that have not yet established a sense of trust and are not familiar with the corporate website potential user

The effect is extremely damaging!


Using HTTP connections can lead to websites being flagged as unsafe, which in turn can lead to traffic drops and headaches, while using aHTTPS of Love to build websites with - Foreign Trade Edition Then this problem can be eliminated.

HTTPS is an SSL encrypted transport protocol with security SSL ensures that the data transferred between the client and the server are encrypted s, security has a stronger guarantee.


When your website uses the HTTPS-based protocol

Then chrome will display the security flag


No more worrying about losing traffic to your business website because of it

And there's another benefit to websites that use the HTTPS protocol.

Inclusion ranking on Baidu, more forward.

It also means that your website will be more likely to be searched for by potential customers, and those potential users are likely to convert into revenue.

The use of the HTTPS protocol, is the trend of the times, and HTTP, will inevitably be thrown into the dustbin of Internet history.

Love to build websites with

Foreign Trade Edition

Full Site Htpps

New International Safety Standards

Overseas CDN

Stable access and superb speed

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