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What to do when the Mobile Device Times is in use pops up

Note: This HowTo is more or less a pants-down fart, but that doesn't stop it from still carrying some knowledge.

When pulling out a removable storage device, I've been good enough to go to the bottom right corner and eject it first, but there are times when it suffers from the following.

When convinced that no program is occupying the device, this prompt makes me feel fucked up, NTM to make it clearer would kill me ~ well, at this point children who still can't be bothered to just pull it can read on:.

In fact, MS has said understand, just not in the message box, but recorded in the event log, probably MS think the fault details exposed to the user is not friendly ~ really bullshit, do not say the unclear cloud is friendly, really afraid of the message box can not put too much information, you can give a hyperlink well ~ slightly more water, hope to congratulate, back to the subject. Running eventvwr.msc opens the [Event Viewer], where in the [System] log entry it is not difficult to find the event associated with the just rejected pop-up: the

The event will indicate which process is responsible for the mess, at which point there are two options, either to terminate the process or to move on (some processes you can't afford to terminate).

Use Process Explorer to view the handle of the process.

If you have multiple removable drives plugged in, it may be necessary to open Disk Management, find which drive HarddiskX corresponds to, confirm that, close that handle, and try popping it up again ~ it should go smoothly this time.

The reason why I say it's a bit of a panty fart is that in this case I believe it's a false "occupancy", just that for some reason such a handle was created and forgotten to close it, so it's fine to pull it out directly; if it's really occupying, then ending the process or forcibly closing the handle will cause an interruption, which is no different from pulling it out directly, and the data will still be lost. So the ultimate method I guess is, shut down and then unplug, but if you can't shut down because some bird is stuck, heck, then you can't even unplug if you want to~ Anyway, with the fucked up win system, anything is possible.

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