What you don't know about black technology-Private Cloud China Blockchain Industry Development Forum will be held soon

Traditionally with the Internet, the user base is an important metric for the valuation of a business. But as users, we're creating value with every use, without being able to generate revenue for ourselves. All you see is some big guy getting another thousands of times the return on his investment and then casting envious glances. To be taken for granted when someone else steals the fruit! Still looking for reasons to convince yourself? Don't be a coward, please be brave, you can choose better because you are the real owner.

Applying blockchain technology, we can actually use incentives to very efficiently achieve an ecological network where users participate autonomously, manage themselves, and create their own value. There is a smart storage device in China called "Private Cloud", which can be imagined as a hard drive with wireless access or a mini server. Its memory is usually not used up by a family, so it is possible to share this unused resource and rent it out to those in need, thus gaining revenue. Kind of like the process of placing and receiving orders in a taxi app. There are many more broad applications for earnings in the future; imagine exchanging ebooks, materials, watching movies, spending money at restaurants, rewarding hosts, etc. And these incentive systems are backed by a smart contract that is enforced, as if the rules of the game have been set up long ago, with the user being the biggest gaining member of it, and no organization or individual, including the team, can interfere with it artificially anymore. There will not be a situation like the one complained of by the "drivers". 25% of the hard earned money goes to those who sit on Wall Street bragging and perhaps laughing and mocking their users.

There is actually a worldwide project called IPFS, which is a world-class blockchain project that may replace the HTTP protocol in the future and bring more convenience and efficiency to our lives. But unfortunately IPFS is expected to take a while to get on the chain. Some of the logic behind it is very similar to that of the private cloud, so devices in the private cloud can also be switched to IPFS mining at any time. So you folks can lay out early, grab the quality network resources in the big cities, and once IPFS goes live you can decide on the type of mining you want to do based on the revenue value.

There is also a "China Blockchain Storage Industry Development Forum" on Saturday, May 5 at the Boya Hotel in Shanghai, for those interested in registering.

Registration link: http://www.huodongxing.com/event/3436573394400

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