What's the future of driverless cars as Uber drone crashes

An Uber self-driving car crashed and killed a woman crossing the street at around 10 p.m. U.S. time Sunday, while the vehicle was "unmanned" and a safety officer was in it. According to the local police department's claim to the foreign press it would have been difficult to avoid the crash based on the circumstances at the scene, whether manned or unmanned; the spokesperson also claimed that according to the footage recorded by the car's camera, the fault for the crash lies with the victim.

Technology is changing rapidly today and new technologies will open up new frontiers. The new field will definitely have a huge economic potential, which deeply touches the nerves of the giant companies, who will win the "technology war" may determine the success or failure of these large companies, so the first to enter the market will gain a huge advantage and market, for the establishment of the brand can be a pre-emptive strike.

In the two sessions of the Premier also proposed the future vigorously developed is the field of "artificial intelligence", intelligence will be the future technology-led development trend. And the accident that just happened has generated global attention because it was the first step taken by a technological product. Still this has sparked a debate about the safety of driverless cars.

I think people should focus on a percentage issue, there is no 100% safe car, the traffic accidents that happen every day are mainly caused by human factors, then measuring unmanned cars should assess if they have safer performance compared to manned cars and are more environmentally friendly and outperform self driving cars in many ways.

From a long-term perspective, driverless cars will gradually squeeze in and replace self-driving cars in the future society, but driverless cars should be supported by a perfect system before entering the market, and also go through multiple rounds of trial tests, using big data to support the feasibility of the vehicles and gain the trust of users and social recognition

In China, high-tech industry is the country strongly support the industry, so driverless early China may be earlier development, for closer and closer to us driverless, how do you think, welcome comments!

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