cool hit counter What's the season of love without candy! Airdrop Briefing Issue 006 - SwiftsEXPRESS_Intefrankly

What's the season of love without candy! Airdrop Briefing Issue 006 - SwiftsEXPRESS


Full Link compiles and distributes this guide for informational purposes only and assumes no responsibility for the truth of the information and any consequences arising therefrom (including, but not limited to, candy airdrop delays, airdrop non-availability, airdrop cancellations, and any investment of time, effort, property, etc. to qualify for the airdrop). Once again, Full Chain reminds our readers that investing is risky and decisions need to be made with care!

Project Name:SwiftsEXPRESS

Token symbol:SE

Collection requirements: Telegram application required

Level of importance:★★★

Specific details : Logistics Chain is airdropping 10 million Candy SE tokens for a limited time, for free, on a first-come, first-served basis! Just submit your ETH address, join the telegram group, and send the verification code.

Collection time:2018/05/20

Operating Procedure.

1, Copy the following link to your browser

2, fill in the ethereum wallet address and click submit (as above)

3, you will get an invitation code, enter the official telegram group of the project (or for coins) to verify your invitation code and you will get a reward (as below)

4、Share your exclusive invitation link, invite more friends to register, you will get more rewards


1. Successful registration will result in: 10 SEs.

2. For every friend you successfully invite to register, you will get 5 SEs.

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