Wheeled robot with autonomous driving capability unveiled

With the advent of autonomous driving, the perception, control, and decision systems involved are more complex, and the information interaction and control with other systems in the body is increasing, and all aspects want it to become a modular, portable, and easy to manage automotive subsystem, at which point the future automotive industry will be specifically positioned in the field of autonomous driving.

So what should the automotive industry do in the future? In fact, in the eyes of the author, should be able to achieve autonomous driving wheeled robot industry, in fact, as artificial intelligence field, to achieve such "autonomous cars", should try to "reverse thinking", first solve the "last mile" problem.

However, in order to have an autonomous vehicle core, autonomous driving must have the ability to learn like a human being and be able to cope with various working conditions, and driverless should not only improve the car but also study anthropomorphic driving, and autonomous vehicles have both the traditional ability to passively learn about knowledge and the ability to learn and practice generating experience, skills and knowledge on their own.

However, through the accident driver driving, robot online memory, accident experts group analysis of the accident to form the correct response, and the response method materialized into the "driving brain" of such robots, it can be accurate and rational response in the event of an accident, thus minimizing the incidence of accidents.

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