When V-God first got into bitcoin, he paid 8.5 bitcoins for a t-shirt

Vitalik Buterin, a Russian national who grew up in Canada, has made a name for himself in the blockchain movement, creating the Ether blockchain at the age of 21 and becoming known to outsiders as V-God, the cryptocurrency Ether is second only to Bitcoin in size, with a market cap that rose 10,000% in 2017, Vitalik has been walking around the world promoting it in order to raise its profile, addressing the potential impact of Ether on business finance and government, which the Russian government also hopes will revolutionize the economy.

Here's a look at v-God's uncomfortable relationship with blockchain cryptocurrencies.

V God first heard about Bitcoin in February 2011, when a man offered him 5 bitcoins for an article on his Bitcoin blog, when Bitcoin had a market value of $0.80, 5 coins for an article, which was equivalent to $4. V God later earned $20, and he spent 8.5 bitcoins on a t-shirt, something that helped open up a new world for V God.

He began to be enlightened by the fact that people were actually able to come together and create a new financial system, and although it seemed a bit utopian that this amounted to dumping everything old and creating a new world from scratch, to the V-God it didn't seem like a complete abandonment of everything old, but more like the idea that

Before, finance and many things could only be decided by a very few people and without them many things could not happen, but now money is something that a group of people can create and use on their own. We've known about decentralized networks for a long time, like BT seeds, various file sharing systems, various decentralized communication systems, so if we can do these things in a decentralized way, why can't we do decentralized currencies?

For example, if I have a song that I want to send to you via the decentralized network, then we both have the song, but it's different when money is involved because money needs to be documented, and if I have 100 digital coins and need to give you 100 digital coins, it's a bug if I make an identical transfer at this point and then publish both transfers. In reality, neither of these transfers should be successful, and there must be a mechanism to track that I have given 100 coins to the other party. By the time I made the first transfer, the system should have known that I had transferred the money and the second transaction would not have worked.

So how revolutionary is this technology? Why do we think it will change the world?

To V-God, this represents an epochal change, a new option for humans to interact with each other, and with Bitcoin, people no longer need money or banks. It's all direct peer-to-peer operations, and the expansion of Ether into a platform for digital smart contracts will change the entire industry, as this innovation will put many people out of work, and to the question of whether he will feel like the destroyer of worlds, V-God's answer is: the destroyer of old jobs and the creator of new worlds.

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