When a Tesla rear-ended at 105km/h, the driver actually refused to go to the hospital...

Tesla crashes again, owner says ok...

To date, GeekCar has covered several highly representative Tesla accidents, including the first Autopilot fatality, a GeekCar fan's personal experience, and more. See these two articles: "An expert explanation of Tesla's 'Autopilot fatality'" and "GeekCar fan's first-hand experience of Tesla Autopilot accident: earlier and worse than the 'first crash'".

From our analysis, it appears that there was a problem with Tesla's identification of the truck before. But then Tesla upgraded its Autopilot system, and since then few Tesla Autopilot accidents have made headlines, until yesterday...

1 月 23 日,美国洛杉矶卡尔弗城的消防部门发了一条推特,内容如下:

Roughly speaking: we were working on an accident on the highway when suddenly a Tesla hit our Fire Engine 42 at 65mph (about 105km/h). The Tesla owner said he was driving with Autopilot at the time. Surprisingly, no one was hurt.

See larger image below.

After the incident, Western journalists who ran faster than anyone else were the first to arrive on the scene by helicopter, and the following are screenshots from the video program.

After the collision, firefighters advised the Tesla owner to go to the hospital for a checkup, though the owner felt no serious physical problems and refused to go.

不得不感叹:消防车真结实,被一辆 2 吨的特斯拉以 105km/h 的速度撞上之后,目测只需要做做钣金就能重新服役。特斯拉也足够安全,撞成这样,车内司机居然没怎么受伤。当然,还有运气成分在里面,当时消防车后面没站着消防员。

By the way, the key information we mentioned earlier, such as 105km/h and Autopilot mode on, are the owner's side of the story. No official findings have been released by the investigating authorities.

Currently, the National Transportation Safety Board has sent two investigators to Los Angeles to conduct an investigation that will focus on "the operation of the driver and the operation of the vehicle.

However, Tesla has already stated, "(Autopilot) is for owners who can focus entirely on driving. The answer is still very official and cautious, but it's a reasonable response, after all, Tesla has written in the manual that Autopilot is only assisted driving and users still need to observe road conditions.

关于特斯拉 Autopliot,我们也经常建议车主,千万不要过度相信机器。Autopilot 本质上依然是辅助驾驶,还没有到解放双手的地步,所以请时刻握好方向盘。

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