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When black click cameras meet AI art

Black Click Camera


Black Click Camera is one of the most AI and fun photo photography tools for small apps. With this tool, users can create various smart effects photo videos with one click.


The Black Click Camera app now has 130 million users, and 6 million people use it to process photos every day. It also has 40 million users on two platforms, iOS and Android App.

It is different from traditional retouching software, the most important feature is the combination of artificial neural networks (neural networks) and artificial intelligence technology, so that the original extremely complex special effects become very easy to create, and whether to create special effects or artistic style processing of photos, can be achieved very naturally.

The effect of black click


The effects you can see so far are.


Make the sky move in an instant

Instantly turn static photos of people into animated emojis with sound

Instantly turn cats and dogs into living, breathing, talking emojis

Are you impressed by so many effects?

Come together to make new ideas happen

Click to identify the Black Click Camera applet

Using the Black Click camera, you can not only transform fun images, but also create Artwork combined with AI Come and take your ideas aboard the AI technology. Participate in the Global AI Art Competition , share your creative power with the world!

Global AI Art Competition


With the rapid rise and development of AI technology and applications worldwide, in order to better implement the national strategy of "AI" and promote the application of AI in the art industry, Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base, Tsinghua University Art and Science Research Center, in collaboration with Inno Angel Fund and, launched the "AI Art Competition (GAAC)", aiming to create a new AI art field through the cross-border integration of AI technology and art creation, and then explore the value of AI art industry.

The "AI Art Competition (GAAC)" will collect works from relevant corporate organizations and academic institutions engaged in AI technology and AI art creation worldwide, and will be judged and awarded by renowned industry experts and scholars, covering the fields of art, music and literature. 2018 was the first GAAC event and will be held annually in the future.

The organizers of the competition will collect art, music, literature and designated brand works from all over the world. The competition will have one best GAAC award with a prize of RMB 100,000, one gold, one silver and one bronze award in each of the four creative fields, five best works awards and a number of superior choices. The competition will also feature a special student entry category with two best newcomer awards.

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