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When is the best time to sell blockchain assets?

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Many of my friends have come to me recently asking when is the best time to sell assets?

This is my first positive answer to the question that if you only see your own country-issued fiat currency as cash only, and your blockchain asset holdings are just a means of financial investment, then you set a very comfortable psychological price for yourself, and you can always sell to cash out when you reach it. Mentally accepting and comforting price areas are your best times to sell.

As Old Cat said, "I and many of my friends around me, we are looking at blockchain assets as cash, and fiat currency is just white strips, and any time, we will cash out at the first opportunity, only our cash out is exchanging the white strips for blockchain assets, so for us, there is no question of when to sell the cash, even though some of the assets I hold now are almost hundreds of times as liquid as they are globally, why should I go and exchange them for white strips? I've been a long term holder and a believer in blockchain from 15 years to now"

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