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Which is the best website in Xi'an?

Ltd. whose purpose is to provide professional software and website construction, design and e-commerce platform services based on the Internet. By providing professionalism, convenience, personalization, and fashion to convenience and customer satisfaction, we strive to meet customer needs and create brands.


Solving the competitiveness of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet industry, we create exclusive brand websites tailored to maximize the benefits for enterprises.

JSI Technology: average6 Senior engineer with more than one year team, Experience with large scale projectsui designer, User-friendly interface design, cleanly、 magnanimity、 no frills, Products designed with a focus on postseo optimisation, Pre-design we will put in place a design that meetsseo The basic requirements for ranking optimization are included, Enables clients to achieve quick results in post-operational。


Main Business

Website and mobile site development, website operation and hosting, keyword optimization and ranking, WeChat small program development, enterprise OA sales management system development, logo design, business card design, easy to pull, album design.

Website FAQ

How to determine whether a website is penalized by search engines

Check the robots file

Check if the site is using steering

Check other sites on the server

Check your website thoroughly for over-optimization

Web space is not database space

I. Web space

Web space is what is used to store program files, web files, images, video and audio and such for a website, which is what people usually call space. We can upload the website files to the space via ftp, bind the domain name and then you can open the browser to browse. We can also download the entire site locally via ftp so that even in case of space problems, the site's files are not all over the place. Usually smart builders do not provide their customers with ftp passwords, so that the customer is completely passive and the website wants to run. And Netbond is provided to users ftp password, people can login ftp to upload and download their website files at any time.

II. Database space

1.The commonly used database is MySql, so here's a brief introduction to it. mys ql database is actually a table similar to excel, which stores various settings of the website, member information, article information, image link information, etc. It is the soul of a website, without the database, the website would be an empty shell. Therefore, we also need to back up our database on a regular basis to avoid accidents that could lead to database loss, so that the website would be back to the original state of the site being built.

What does it mean to renew a website?

1.Website Domain Cost: Website domain names are renewable annually.

2.Web space server costs: this is the web server is also the same as the domain name is required to renew each year, the cost of the web server depends on the size of your web space for renewal, the general business website in about 300M-500M, and some like the mall website, platform web space server is relatively large, the renewal fee is also different;

3.Website service fee: this fee includes modifying some details of the website, or having new products and services out added to the website, the website can not be opened or problems arise in a timely manner to deal with maintenance.

Note: There are no major modifications to JASON Technology free lifetime maintenance

Case Study

The developers of Jiesheng Technology, bearing in mind their solemn mission and assuming their sacred responsibilities, are committed to their work with a new look, a new attitude and a new pace to present the most professional development products to our customers.


Do it professionally. Do it better.

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