Which systems need to be reprogrammed after BMW replaces the car computer?

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Systems that must be reprogrammed to replace BMW car computers.

1、AIRBAG - Airbag computer

2. ABS/DSC, ABS/ASCV, ASC+T - Anti-skid brake computer

3. BCV - Journey Computer

4. CCM - Checking the monitoring computer

5. cvm - convertible top control computer

6. DWA III, DWA IV, EWS II - Anti-theft central control computer

7. EDC III, EDC III+ - Electronic Suspension Computer

8. EML-III S - Electronic Throttle Computer

9, INKA, IHKR, IHKR2, IHKR3 - Central Air Conditioning Computer

10. IKE - Instrument Computer

11. IM - Electronic Instrument Panel

12. EKM/KOMBI - dashboard computer

13. lsm - steering wheel position memory

14、LKM - Light bulb monitoring computer

15. GM - Central Computer

16. ZVM II - Central door lock computer

BMW Motorrad Programming Notes

1. remove all CDs and DVDs.

2. all external audio equipment to be unplugged.

3. Turn off all electrical appliances.

4. The charger is first adjusted to BC mode, i.e. charging mode, and when the charging computer is less than 10A, it is converted to power supply mode, i.e. PS mode.

5. The charging voltage of the charger is 14.8 V.

6. The left front door is opened and the door locks are locked.

7. troubleshooting and removal prior to programming.

8. Do not operate the vehicle during programming, keep the network cable and charger well connected.

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