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While we're still pussyfooting around with data privacy, we've actually been transparent for a long time

On December 2, Google announced that AlphaFold, Google's latest artificial intelligence, beat all its opponents in an extremely difficult task to successfully predict the three-dimensional structure of proteins, the basic molecules of life, based on gene sequences.

Think about how much actual data from the human body is needed for AlphaFold to have that level of predictive power, and that data could come from you and me, and it's unclear to people how much private data is involved in this project.

There are countless examples of this, and the most cutting-edge technology applications are based on big data, and the way these cutting-edge technologies collect data is not yet within the grasp of the general public, who have no idea how researchers collect information, let alone understand what information is being collected and whether we agree with it.

The more cutting-edge the technology, the more prominent such problems become. Researchers collect and mine data and conduct research in the laboratory using the most advanced means, and it is often when a technology project comes out of the laboratory and takes shape as a product in the market that people are busy thinking about privacy. In fact, at the lab stage, the subject of the research becomes transparent, and one can only hope for privacy protection at this stage to be conscious by the tech companies.

As we pound away at privacy rights, enact regulations, and begin to work on using technology to protect privacy, such as applying blockchain to devise mechanisms to protect privacy, in reality, before we know it, our privacy has already endured its first round of exploitation, and by the time we are aware of it and can reciprocate to protect it, that exploitation is already in its second round.

The second round of models to exploit privacy data is often a free service in exchange for privacy data, the richer and deeper the service requires more privacy data to be paid for, the service and privacy are equivalent, so there is no free lunch.

The collection and use of private data by tech companies does not appear to be very damaging to individuals on the surface, while different applications form products for different scenarios that may categorize individuals into different groups of people, and in some time periods and areas, these companies form profiles of individuals that may know more about you than you know about yourself. Like what you might need most at what time.

After those tech companies have completed their research using our private data and formed a commodity before we even knew it, a second round of exploitation of privacy begins, and perhaps it is in the constant exploitation of privacy that humanity can continue to evolve until there is no privacy left to be exploited.

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