Who are the real market manipulation hacks!

Who are the real market manipulation hacks! -20180330

Little Monkey Looks at Blockchain

Written by: woolly daddy

Public number: btc512

All you can see is not what I care about. What I'm about to expose is everything that's hidden behind it!

With attitude and principles! Little monkey watching the blockchain!


The monkey sings two or three miscellaneous treatises, but seeks to awaken the ear, not to be named, so you can read them at your leisure


Little Monkey Looks at Blockchain-BTC-20180330 analysiscount

Who are the real market manipulation hacks!


Public number: btc512


In order to comply with national laws and regulations, quotations will not be made in RMB.

Monkey's analysis and calculation adhering to the neutral, objective, not pompous do not drag, this analysis and calculation only as a learning reference, with this buy and sellers, profit and loss at your own risk!

Those who operate with the little monkey point as a reference, first go to the teaching area to see the little monkey point knowledge, shall understand the point reaction force and failure judgment.

Point Calculation

Current price: $7481.99


Resistance level ②: $8487.64

Resistance level ①:$8209.93


Support level ①:$6685

Support level ②:$6335.75

minute analysis

Mentioned yesterday.

If it pierces $7779.99, then there will be room to the downside and will head up to a new support level.


The line remains short on the highs.

Today's Analysis.

Shorting on the highs has been mentioned repeatedly for several days, with resistance levels moving lower and support levels moving lower.

Also yesterday it was mentioned that there were a lot of institutions selling bitcoin at wholesale, so yesterday was extremely stressful for the price of the currency.

And yesterday at analysis shortly after completion, Prices keep fluctuating at yesterday's current prices, But then it started to fall one after another, In this morning6 After the point officially fell below$7000, This whole number of points that many people have in mind, Killed straight to the support level that Monkey calculated yesterday①$6685 nearby。

And after the price killed the support level ①, it bounced up and down several times, kept stabbing the support level ①, and finally bounced strongly again, rallying the price above $7200.

these days, Press the little monkey analysis short on every high, Both achieved a flipX Times the market, This is also the best strategy for a bear market, And the sub-strategy is to grab a bounce on support levels, Then fast in and fast out.。

Yesterday but any shorting was profitable, but shorting on OK can be miserable, the exchange proposed to roll back the data on the grounds that someone was manipulating the price, then there could be a situation where the exchange will kill both long and short.

In fact, whether someone market manipulation of prices, or oolong finger and other situations, are the real trend of the market, traders are able to adjust their own order operations according to the trend at the time, no one has the right to change it, the function of the exchange only to provide a trading platform for long and short sides of the transaction, can not be faked while crying foul, and then malicious modification of data.

This situation can only be said that the exchange's security mechanisms are not set up properly, their own ability to cause losses to users, it is the exchange's fault, the exchange should bear the loss, how can a sentence someone manipulate the market, roll back the data on a perfunctory basis!

And it needs to come up with all sorts of convincing evidence for users to prove its innocence and that there is no falsification of any data, as well as proving that someone did manipulate the market, leading to the exposure of its own problematic flaws, and bringing out the follow-up claims proposal, which is the right way to handle the situation.

Otherwise, how do you count the profit that the user should have made based on the real market?

What happens when a user loses money after a rollback due to a data error?

Exchanges that have behaved in this way can be said to be ignorant of even the most basic principles, or bullying users to defend their rights. If the back does not solve the two problems mentioned by the little monkey that users should have made a profit or lost money after rolling back, they can simply give up.

Back to today's market, the price rebounded on the support level ①, and entered the stable price period of the oversold rebound, but the overall market still belongs to the short, short on high is still the best strategy.

The support level ① is still valid, while the support level ② has moved down, but the support level ① has been stabbed several times and has bounced several times, and when it kills down to that level again, the Duo will need to pay extra attention.

A few other analyses will be updated to the members' circle later, so stay tuned for updates.

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