Why do all blockchains need to create their own community?

Many people say that community is the basis for the development of blockchain technology, and all blockchain projects must have their own community before they can really be applied on the ground, so community is the future development direction of blockchain technology. At this stage, many blockchain communities are "Token" groups in the name of blockchain, which are not real blockchain communities.

Value output is the root of a community, and a community without value output is not a good community. Similarly, people must join a community because they want to benefit from it. If people don't get what they want and don't feel the value of the community, they won't stay in the community, so it's very important to say that the value and perspective of the fissioned community is also very important. The Three O'Clock Community, which was once a sensation, is a place where a group of bigwigs in the blockchain circle discuss and share the current situation of the industry and express their views to each other, and it is because of the mutual flow of information and even resource sharing in the community that makes the Three O'Clock Community valuable.

Regarding blockchain communities, communityist leader Chen Caigen said that the building of communities is something that is hotter in the blockchain world right now, and everyone sees the importance of communities. Because community is consensus, community is value, and community is communication, it can be said that the value of community is huge, and it is probably not too much to say.

Community consensus is an idea with consistency and unity that is agreed upon by all, and being good at building community together is more likely to be recognized, which also prepares the project side very well for later publicity. For digital currencies based on blockchain technology, the value of the community and users is extraordinary, and the more users that use it, the more valuable the digital currency will be. As a project incubation platform in the blockchain industry, Specially Handsome helps project parties to establish communities quickly, even with the concept of "born by consensus and stored for value", Specially Handsome vertically builds exclusive communities for customers in the blockchain field, has a perfect community operation model and a large number of communities, and delivers a valuable corporate culture.

Users in a community are both users and operators. The community is just the carrier of the blockchain, the most important thing is actually consensus, without consensus the blockchain has no soul. You can download Coin Express APP to find a community with soul. Coin Express APP not only has community but also moving, jerking, quotes, great recommendations and other informational, service, mathematical and tool services. The original purpose of the community was also to identify the consensus and interests that belong to all

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