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Why is the blockchain industry interested in OPENPlatform?

open is gaining momentum because it has the benefit of appealing to everyone from developers to e-commerce owners. In this article, we'll discuss how OPEN makes the necessary innovations and why the team does so.

Enthusiasm for the initial coin-op product on the open platform is very high. Their Twitter feed is flooded with photos from the #OPENRoadshow roadshow and their followers - the developers - are keen to get their technology into mainstream apps as soon as possible.

OPENThe platform is unique in that, It goes beyond what is common in the blockchain industry' humanism'。 People don't need a thorough understanding of blockchain technology to implement it, This makesOPEN The platform has universal appeal to business owners of all sizes and the developers they rely on。

So, what exactly is the OPEN blockchain?

OPEN Platform is the first application-oriented blockchain plug-and-play infrastructure

With OPEN blockchain technology, any app can accept cryptocurrency by adding a few lines of code, similar to the way they use Stripe for legal payments.

For those of you unfamiliar with Stripe, it's a FIAT-based payment processing technology that has been funding PayPal since its inception.

Like Stripe, the OPEN platform is a developer-friendly solution that virtually eliminates the barriers to entry that most businesses face when considering accepting cryptocurrency as a form of online payment.

Like Stripe, its strength comes from a simple, clear and transparent approach. Most people understand the need to embrace cryptocurrency, but the technology under the hood is always changing. With the OPEN platform, a few lines of code will provide evergreen cryptocurrency payment solutions and eliminate the learning curve associated with their implementation.

Why Open patform and not other ICOs?

It's no secret that the survival of any emerging blockchain financial technology depends on the speed of its mainstream adoption.

OPEN has been needed. It already has a clear use case, and in principle it is already in demand.

OPEN was as helpful to developers as developers were when Stripe first launched. But it's much easier to convince developers that it will; Stripe has paved the way for developer understanding and expectations. All OPEN needs to do is deliver - the track is laid out.

Aside from all the comparisons to Stripe, OPEN is backed by familiar faces. OPEN is backed by the same backers behind the top 30 most recent coin products in Coin Market Cap (such as ICON, VeChain, Ontology and Ziliqa).

How to Accept Cryptocurrency in iOS or Android Apps

From the perspective of a mainstream app developer - say, Android or iOS developer - all they need to do is generate Scaffold and deploy it using OPEN's online tools.

OPEN already accepts cryptocurrency through any app or game as easily as embedding a YouTube video.

Just like FIAT relatives PayPal and Stripe, similar logic can be used for transactions such as one-time purchases, subscriptions and confirmations to ensure that cryptocurrency funds are actually available.

Changing the App Store

If the purpose of an existing app store is to facilitate trusted security and safety of payments between end users and app developers, OPEN can replace it.

OPEN State and Scaffolds allow developers to cut off the app store and move to a decentralized environment to sell their apps.

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