Will China be able to withstand the pressure of the world's new technological revolution as it faces serious challenges?

as everyone knows, The war on the blockchain is on2018 The Year Burned Around the World, But at its core is the competition of the master chain。 It's like a chip.、 The same operating system, In the world of blockchain, Master Chain is King, He who has the master chain wins the world。 Whose master chain is recognized by the market, who could become the next giant company like Microsoft。

Currently, most of the master chains worldwide are born and operated in the United States, and they are backed by hundreds of billions of dollars.

blockchain(Blockchain) It's distributed data storage、 point-to-point transmission、 consensual mechanism、 New application models for computer technologies such as encryption algorithms。 The so-called consensus mechanism is a blockchain system that enables trust building between different nodes、 Mathematical algorithms for acquiring equity。

Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, Like a database ledger, Record all transactions。 This technology is also known for its safety、 Convenience is gaining the attention of the banking and finance industry。

currently, Global blockchain development is in full swing, The application of blockchain technology has become a blaze of glory in various industries by actively laying out blockchain technology。 As more and more industries become associated with blockchain, A new ecosystem based on blockchain as the underlying technology is quietly taking shape。

According to a release from the Central European Entrepreneurship Camp2018 Global Blockchain Innovation of the Year50 strong display, Blockchain is mainly divided into a base layer、 Application layer and ecological layer。 among others, The base layer contains protocols、 public chain、 affiliate chain、 cross-chain、 Side chains and storage。

The application layer contains digital identity authentication、 social communication、 Internet of Things (IoT)、 energy、 gameplay、 immovables、 supply chains、 social media、 e-commerce、 sports、AI、 big data、 financial services; Eco-layer with media information、 Investment institutions、 Market Intelligence Service、 Third-party reviews, information, etc.。

Hurun said at the award ceremony, "The blockchain industry is still very young and there are not many cases in the market that can really be widely used, but this industry has huge prospects for development. Globally, blockchain is still a brand new concept, and if it can do well in the vast market of China, it is likely to grow quickly into a global-level business. Releasing this list of blockchain companies, we hope this list will give young entrepreneurs, technologists and investors an idea of which companies are currently doing better in this space. "

2018 year6 month9 sun, A show hosted by Hurun Report in collaboration with Hip Hop Finance2018 Hurun Blockchain Enterprise Ranking Awards Gala Opens in Shenzhen。 This is the first time the Hurun ranking has addressed blockchain technology。 Blockchain projects as the focus of the most blockchain value enhancement, It has logically become the focus of this list selection。 this event, Walton Chain Attends the Hurun Blockchain Enterprise Ranking Awards as an Innovative Enterprise Award Winner。

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