Will Uber's self-driving car crash have an impact on the commercialization of unmanned cars?

uber has had another accident, or rather, self-driving cars have had another accident!

BEIJING, March 20 (BST) - In the early hours of March 20, a self-driving car being road-tested by uber collided with a pedestrian who was subsequently taken to hospital but died from his injuries in Tempe, Arizona. Notably, this is the world's first fatal crash of a self-driving vehicle into a pedestrian on a public road.

Autopilot under pressure

This is actually not the first time an Uber self-driving car has been involved in an accident, much less the first time a self-driving car in a road test has been involved in an accident. But this is the first crash worldwide in which a self-driving car has killed a pedestrian.

According to the media, the accident occurred because a woman burst into the motorway and was struck and killed by an Uber driverless SUV. Preliminary findings indicate the party responsible for the crash was not Uber's driverless car. But the accident will definitely cast a shadow over the driverless car industry, which is moving forward under pressure.

Currently, in order to commercialize driverless car technology on the ground as soon as possible, car manufacturers, tech giants, startups and even ride-hailing companies with certain technological and capital strengths are competing fiercely in this emerging industry all over the world.

This is where the automakers know how to build cars, but know little about software. Tech companies know computer technology, but don't know cars very well. But there is a strong belief that this technology can change our lives in the near future.

Such a feeling of dawn breaking before dawn puts a lot of pressure on the whole industry. Anyone who wants to be the first company to commercialize autonomous driving wants to play their part in this world-changing industry, but it is destined to be like FAAG and BAT now, and only a few will eventually become the industry leaders. Such a backdrop also puts a lot of pressure on an industry that is moving forward.

Will it affect self-driving technology on the ground?

Now, an accident at this critical time is bound to put even more pressure on self-driving technology. While the initial conclusion is that the party responsible for the accident is not the driverless car, the public's attention will still be focused on the safety of driverless cars. Even if it was just an ordinary car accident, it would never have attracted the attention of the world as it has.

In fact, data shows that in the United States alone, an average of over 6 million traffic accidents occur each year, killing 6,000 pedestrians and nearly 40,000 people.

The technology of driverless cars, if it were to actually mature and take hold, could definitely reduce these numbers of deaths due to car accidents, as the original intent of the invention of this technology, and the efforts in the development of this technology, is towards driving safety.

Despite the bright future, the entire industry of self-driving cars is bound to be in a panic after this incident and the development of this technology will enter a sensitive period. Governments around the world will also look at this emerging technology conservatively for security reasons.

Most importantly, this accident will set back consumer confidence in self-driving technology by a decade or even a number of years. It's safe to say that the Uber self-driving car crash is by no means a nightmare for Uber alone, but for the global self-driving industry.


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