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Will we still have our jobs when artificial intelligence arrives?

Some time ago, a friend asked me.

"What impact would you say artificial intelligence will have on your line of IT operations and maintenance?

Will you all lose your jobs after Ops is automated? "

Good, this serious question has managed to get me thinking.

I want to be quiet.

I want to be quiet.

We all know that IT Ops management is a tech-sensitive pie.

The application of emerging technologies will inevitably trigger an iterative upgrade in IT operations and maintenance management.

After all, gear is strong to fight monsters well.

Come and fight if you don't like it.

cloud computing big data artificial intelligence (AI)……

The advent and use of these new equipment, the

Making IT Ops management just like full-blooded plus exotics.

Like entering no man's land.

Give me the lights and the stage.

It's certainly a happy ending.

And yet.

Biggest problem.

Can't help but burn money on gear!

Poor only in face value

Poor only in face value


Manual leveling will still be the dominant trend.

You can't just say you're going to lose your job.

You don't say you'll lose your job.

You can lose it when you say you can.

Technology-based changes Just the tip of the iceberg of new trends in IT operations and maintenance.

market size XX trillion new breakthrough

social environment irresistible external forces

of the competitive landscape of the industry great leap


It's happening right before our eyes, you know all about it?

China Enterprise IT Operations and Maintenance Management Market Report 2018

New IT Ops trends that you must get √

Follow the public number "Pulse Mountain Dragon Service" and reply " Market Report ", get the full version of the report

Report source: Ariadne Consulting

Pulse Mountain Dragon: a leading IT service provider in China, founded in 1997, has been focusing on providing customers with IT lifecycle solutions for 21 years, carrying out design consulting, construction implementation and maintenance services for IT infrastructure systems (including IT environment, network, data center, desktop).

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