"Win-win cooperation and build a dream 2018" Uncle elevator sincerely invites national regional partners!

Elevator Uncle Cloud Platform

Elevator uncle cloud platform on line since the rapid development of the industry attention, now open the national regional market, invite your cooperation to join!

We aim to help elevator companies "network" to upgrade and share the 100 billion "cake" of the elevator aftermarket!

Four major profit points... and money to be made together.

1. Uncle Elevator Safety Supervision System.

To provide the government with elevator safety information management system, emergency rescue management system and big data analysis platform to realize systematic management of elevators from maintenance to rescue.

2. Uncle Elevator Safety Information Interactive Screen.

The interactive screen is installed in the car, and through the screen advertising revenue, the elevator can be one key alarm to notify rescue in case of trapped people!

3. Elevator IoT.

Elevator IoT is the future development trend, and Elevator Uncle provides the industry's best IoT solutions for elevator users.

4. Uncle Elevator website.

The website integrates industry quality resources (elevator manufacturers, properties, maintenance companies, technicians, accessories, insurance) to provide users with demand information matching and advertising services.

Through new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things, the Elevator Uncle Cloud Platform brings the government, properties, elevator maintenance enterprises, technicians and passengers closer together. Combined with the unique user evaluation system and technician rating system, it promotes the responsible units to take the initiative to improve the quality of elevator maintenance services and ensure elevator safety by pushing the market, turning the elevator safety issues that rely on government supervision into sunshine projects that all people can participate in monitoring.

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