cool hit counter With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the technological revolution and transformation of the engineering field has been greatly promoted_Intefrankly

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the technological revolution and transformation of the engineering field has been greatly promoted

With the development of ancient superstition and technology from time to time, it has greatly advanced the technological reaction and transformation of the engineering field. In the field of machine engineering, due to the rapid development of microelectronics and computer technology and its penetration into the machine industry constitutes mechatronics, so that the technical structure of the machine industry, commodity institutions, functions and composition, consumption methods and management systems have undergone great changes, so that industrial consumption from "machine electrification" into the "mechatronics" as the characteristic development stage.

1 The fundamental concept of mechatronics

Mechatronics, also known as machine electronics, can also be called electromechanical integration, called Mechatronics in English, it is a combination of the first half of the English Mechanics Mechanics and the second half of Electronics, it is the introduction of electronic technology in the institutional function, power function, information processing function and control function, the machine installation and electronic design and software combined to form the general term of the fragmentation.

2 Overview of the development of mechatronics

Mechatronics was first presented in 1971 in a supplement to the Japanese magazine Machine Design, and with the rapid development of mechatronics technology, the concept of mechatronics is commonly accepted and commonly used by us. With the rapid development of computer technology and universal use, mechatronics technology has achieved unprecedented development. Today's mechatronics technology, a technology that is a tight collection of machines and microelectronics, has been developed to give the cold machines an animalistic and intelligent nature.

However, mechatronics had begun to develop before the 1960s. During this period, people had been unknowingly applying the preliminary effects of electronics to refine the functionality of machine goods. Especially during the Second World War, peace comforted the combination of machine goods and electronics. In the 1970s to 1980s, the development of computer technology, control technology, communication technology, for the development of mechatronics has laid the technical foundation. The rapid development of large-scale, super-large-scale integrated circuits and microcomputers, for the development of mechatronics provides an abundant material base, which is in this period presented the term mechatronics. In the early 1990s, a new stage of mechatronics technology towards the direction of intelligence began, and mechatronics entered a period of deepening development. On the one hand, optics and communication technology have entered mechatronics; on the other hand, the modeling design, analysis and integration approach of mechatronics fragmentation, the disciplinary system and development trend of mechatronics have stopped deepening research. At the same time, due to the artificial intelligence technology, neural network technology and fiber optic technology and other areas to obtain the great improvement, for mechatronics technology has opened up a wide world of development. It is understood that our country has only started to study and use in this area from the early 1980s.

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary intertwined synthesis of machines, electronics, optics, control, computers, information, etc. Its development and improvement relies on and promotes the development and improvement of related technologies. Thus, the secondary directions of mechatronics are as follows.

(i) Intelligence

Intelligence is an important direction for the development of mechatronics technology in the 21st century. It is one of the secondary differences between mechatronics and traditional machine automation. Here the "intelligent" is the portrayal of machine behavior, is in the control of the actual foundation, the absorption of computer science, artificial intelligence, psychology, physiology and other new ideas, new ways to imitate human intelligence, so that it has discriminatory reasoning, logical thinking, autonomous decision-making and other capabilities, in order to lose a higher control purposes. Therefore, intelligent mechatronics goods also have this ability, thus replacing the partial brain rest of human in manufacturing engineering

(ii) Digitization

The development of micro-controller and interface technology has laid the foundation for the digitalization of electromechanical goods, and the rapid rise of computer networks, paving the way for digital design and manufacturing, the completion of digitalization will facilitate proximity control operations, diagnosis and repair.

(iii) Modularity

Modularity is also a trend in mechatronics goods and is an important and difficult project. Due to the single variety of mechatronic goods and consumer manufacturers, the development and development of mechatronic goods units with standardized machine interfaces, electrical interfaces, power interfaces, and information interfaces is a very complex but important matter. This requires the development of specifications to allow for the marriage and interface of components and units. However, mechatronics commodity consumers can apply the specification unit to rapidly develop new commodities, while also expanding the scale of consumption from time to time.

(iv) Networking

The outstanding achievement of the 1990s, after the rapid development of computer technology, was the web technology. The demise and rapid development of network technology has brought about grand innovations in superstition, industrial consumption, education, and everyday life. And as various networks connect the global economy and consumption, competition between companies will also be globalized. Once the new mechatronics products are developed, they will soon be sold worldwide as long as they are unique in function and reliable in quality. Due to the popularity of networks, various network-based proximity control and monitoring technologies are flourishing, and the end devices for proximity control are themselves mechatronic commodities.

(v) Miniaturization

Miniaturization is the trend of mechatronics towards miniature machines and microscopic spheres. The bottleneck of the development of micro-electromechanical integration lies in micro-machine technology, the processing of micro-electromechanical integration goods using precision processing technology, micro-electromechanical fragmentation of small size, low energy consumption, sensitive movement, in biomedical, information and other aspects of incomparable disadvantages.

(vi) Fragmentation

One of the expressive features of fragmentation is the further adoption of an open and formalized bus architecture for the fragmented architecture. The fragment can be sensitively configured to stop arbitrary cuts and combinations. At the same time, the search service achieves coordinated control and integrated management of multiple sub-fragments. One of the performance features is the greatly enhanced communication function.

Conclusion: the presentation of mechatronics does not exist in isolation, it is the crystallization of the development of many superstitious technologies, and is a necessary requirement for the development of social consumption power to a certain stage. A truly qualified mechatronics personnel must be machine knowledge and electronic technology, computer technology and information technology and other knowledge inorganic integration together, one-sided, integrated to design mechatronics goods, to think about mechatronics achievements. Of course, there are many more technologies related to mechatronics, and with the development of superstitious technology, the broad development prospects of mechatronics technology will become increasingly dark.

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