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With this database, I backhand a batch of subjects!

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The full name of this database is: LncRNA Modulator Atlas in Pan-cancer, and we see several key words: lncRNA, tumor, and actually one more key word: transcription factor (TF). That means if we want to study the role of lncRNA or transcription factors inside a tumor and have no idea, we can use this database.

Let's look at the interface.

The four main functional components are lncRNA-transcription factor (TF)-target gene, drug-lncRNA, survival analysis, and transcription factor (TF)-target gene. The data can be searched or downloaded, for example, if I want to design a project on. lncRNA ABC regulates the target gene ABC through the transcription factor TF1 and is involved in the development of lung adenocarcinoma. Then I can just download the lung adenocarcinoma data from.

Click Download on the main screen.

Locate the disk to the right of the lung adenocarcinoma (red box), click and save to open.

where the column B is the name of the lncRNA, D is the name of the transcription factor, and F is the name of the target gene. I'll do a screen and pick a couple of two target genes related to EMT: ZEB1 and SNAI1.

This gave me 7 items, 5 for ZEB1 and 2 for Snai1, which combined into a fund title that reads.

lncRNA RP11-217B7.2 Through transcription factorsEBF1 regulateSNAI1 Functional and mechanistic studies in the development of lung adenocarcinoma.

lncRNA AC011513.4 pass (a bill or inspection)DDX17-SNAI1 Functional and mechanistic studies of signaling pathways affecting the development of lung adenocarcinoma.

lncRNA RP11-344E13.3 pass (a bill or inspection)E2F6 transcriptional regulationZEB1 Functional and mechanistic studies in the development of lung adenocarcinoma.

lncRNA FZD10-AS1 pass (a bill or inspection) SPI1 transcription factor regulateZEB1 in the transdifferentiation of epithelial mesenchymal cells from lung adenocarcinoma cells

Novel pathways of epithelial mesenchymal cell transdifferentiation in lung adenocarcinoma cells.lncRNA RP11-820L6.1/TCF12/ZEB1

newlylncRNA RP11-166D19.1 Functional and mechanistic studies in the development of lung adenocarcinoma.

lncRNA CTB-41I6.1/E2F6/ZEB1 Studies on the function and mechanisms of the signaling axis in the development of lung adenocarcinoma.

Isn't it highbrow and has the feel of a winning fund title? Of course we can also see from the table that such a pattern of regulation is not only present in lung adenocarcinoma.

The first one, for example, is present in 16 cancer species including LGG, GBM, KICH, KIRC, KIRP, BLCA, PRAD, LUAD, LUSC, STAD, LIHC, OV, BRCA, SKCM, HNSC and THCA, so it can be validated inside other tumors as well.

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