World Blockchain Summit project roadshow call, hot off the presses!

The World BlockChain Conference 2018 is organized by the World Blockchain Consortium (WBC), in association with GMGC, BIT. Co-organized by GAME, Golden Finance and Mars Finance, and with the participation of renowned academic institutions, blockchain technology companies and experts from home and abroad, it was held on April 3, 2018 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing, China.

The summit will invite nearly 1,000 blockchain industry elites from more than 30 countries or regions around the world to attend together; the summit features a number of key topics such as leadership summit, CEO closed-door meeting, project roadshow, and blockchain + digital entertainment forum. The summit is held in conjunction with the GMGC 7th Global Gaming Conference and combines digital entertainment fields such as games, movies, animation and blockchain technology applications and innovations to explore the future development trends and business opportunities of blockchain. This is by far the largest and most influential industry event held in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region.

Call for blockchain project roadshows!

World Blockchain Summit 2018 will open a blockchain project roadshow session with the goal of connecting resources from all parties and industry chains in all related fields, helping the development of blockchain technology in China, and providing a platform for roadshow interaction and resource matching for blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs. Blockchain project roadshow aims to focus on the latest blockchain innovation projects at home and abroad, project founders will personally give speeches and take questions, quickly connect with talents, capital and resources from all sides, become a testing ground for blockchain technology innovation, and help the development of excellent blockchain projects. Many famous enterprises, investment institutions and media representatives will also attend the project roadshow and give their full support.

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About the World Blockchain Alliance

World BlockChain Confederation (hereinafter referred to as: WBC) upholds the tenet of openness, mutual assistance and win-win, promotes the development of blockchain technology, facilitates the upgrading of blockchain technology and industry, enhances the communication and cooperation among blockchain industries in different countries, strengthens the self-regulation and regulation of blockchain industry, and looks forward to working together with industry elites to share the success. The Alliance operates under the management of a board of directors, and the Alliance is a third-party organization that plays a coordinating and communicating role to help and facilitate the building of a neutral, third-party global ecological cooperation platform for upstream and downstream enterprises in the blockchain industry.

The governing body is to be composed of giants from digital assets, blockchain companies, the investment community, gaming, film and television, colleges and universities, as well as academic research experts.

World Blockchain Alliance, as a third party organization, will have a comprehensive layout of blockchain industry and will promote blockchain development comprehensively through global large-scale conferences and exhibitions, media coverage, PR public relations, technical academy, talent recommendation, investment matchmaking, business matching, industrial development and other themes.

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Project Roadshow, Blockchain Business Directory


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