cool hit counter Wouldn't you be tempted by the new U5ION concept from Acuity, with its spaceship-like interior design?_Intefrankly

Wouldn't you be tempted by the new U5ION concept from Acuity, with its spaceship-like interior design?

The U5 ION concept, the first model from AIC Motors, was recently unveiled. The new car is built on AIC's MAS platform. The new car is expected to go on sale in 2019 and when it does, it is expected to hit the market with L2-level autonomous driving features and a maximum NEDC range of 460KM.

The design of the exterior is very futuristic and technological, with no traditional combustion engine air intakes at the front, bringing a strong sense of technology with a closed design that brings a touch of space ship charm. The enclosed design is not only visually pleasing, but will also reduce air resistance and improve economy. The headlights come with a camera next to the headlights, which is used in conjunction with the camera in the upper rearview mirror to enable L2 level autopilot.

The headlights have a new design and feature full LED light sources. The daytime running light strip extends from the sides of the badge to the top of the wings for a slender and elegant visual effect.

The sides of the car are stiff and powerful, with a few simple lines that give the car a sense of dimension. The wheels have a 21-inch multi-spoke blade shape, and the mated tires are sized 285/40 R21 , making for a striking overall visual effect. A camera at the end of the ride-on daytime running lights replaces the traditional rearview mirror, bringing down wind resistance while also reducing the overall blind spot in the car's field of vision. The suspension roof and the pair of doors give the car a much more luxurious feel. The practicality of using palm pulse recognition technology to replace traditional unlocking methods is to be further proven.

The rear of the car is highlighted by the running taillights, and the overall design style mirrors that of the front with a sense of unity. The spoiler above gives the rear end another visual boost. Lower exhaust pipe ...... Sorry, electric cars don't have exhausts.

The overall interior is designed with luxury technology in mind, and the overall lines are very clean and straight. The center console features a huge hover LCD and below it should also be an LCD screen to display information about various functions. The steering wheel is very sci-fi and has the feel of flying a plane, but of course it will be improved to a traditional style for practicality after production. The seats are in a 2+2 layout with a techy control area on the center armrest.

Coming back to the MAS platform, the MAS platform is a modular platform on which different wheelbases and different types of models can be built. The electric motor, on the other hand, is located at the front of the car, with front-wheel drive and the battery laid flat on the chassis, which is considered a more common placement.

The birth of the U5 ION is a product of the times, following the trend of development, the current completion of this car is also relatively high, the overall style also meets the needs of the market, depending on how much change this car will bring after mass production, if the core technology remains unchanged in the case of mass production, the prospects of this car I maintain an optimistic attitude. The electric vehicle market is still a piece of cake that is still being developed, and I hope the U5 ION will be able to get a share of this market.

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