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That's right, our blockchain product for all - Arigatou App is live.

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If there are no surprises, our product is now officially released to the public. If the campaign is working well, your circle of friends should now be swiping at the ordered bonus and invitation codes. However, it could also be a cold one.

Either way, I'd like to introduce you to this product that Order App

In mid-January, he left his former employer to join a startup team and became part of the blockchain startup brigade. Interested students can access the website at www.youchain.ccGet to know our project and team at Aricha Technologies. Probably our whitepaper is one of the few white papers that doesn't blow up the concept and that most people can read and understand.

A word about what we're doing is that we want Formation of individual-centered value exchange networks (Note that it is value (not information). Of course, this is the result. So one of the first things we're going to do in the process is to do blockchain education for all in a lighter way, and we're calling this plan "the universal chain」。

That's why it's also the core product of our Arigatou App Phase 1, which supports a low threshold for all people to issue their own Blockchain Digital Coins . Doesn't that sound cool?

Then someone will ask: which public chain am I issuing digital coins on. Bitcoin? Or is it the Ether?

Coming back to the project itself, we are issuing our own Token based on ERC20 - YOU. In addition, we built our own public chain, youchain, which is the answer to that question just now. This means that users can spend YOU to Issue your own blockchain digital commemorative coin And it can be gifted and circulated by transfer or red packet . In the future, we will also provide a youchain public chain lookup address for users to check the past life of every digital coin you hold.

So is the above all there is to order products. Apparently not.

Issue your own blockchain digital commemorative coin Just one of them., The aim is to Get people involved by being on the entertaining side. It will be a gradual learning process to see Ta first and then get to know Ta. In the future we will also join forces with eco-developers to provide more interesting and fun Dapps apps Truly enable individual values to be exchanged and transmitted in a distributed network

Okay, too much crap. I'm going to share with you all how to pull the wool over your eyes How much can we get? . Share the strategy below, please Focus on

1.In order to spread the product better, at the beginning of the product, we launched the operation activities of "Sign up and get free" and "Invite and get free". Get 50YOU bonus if you successfully download the app and register And for every successful invitation of 1 friend, both parties get 5YOU each . The sum of the signup bonus and invite bonus is capped at 5,000 YOU per account.

2.Registration Tip: After downloading the Arigatou App Try to choose WeChat Authorized Login ". This is because the "set login password" part is eliminated compared to mobile phone number registration. It's not too late to wait until you get into the app before you bind your phone number and set a login password.

The time saved here is likely to help you successfully grab the limited number of 6666 Genesis inhabitant existing eligibility criteria . Why grab Genesis residency? First of all, two things, one is the registration bonus of 100YOU, compared to the tribal native can get 50YOU more registration bonus, two is through the invitation code way to invite friends to register with more invitations.

3.How do I invite more friends to sign up? We offer two approaches. One is the invitation code, Genesis inhabitant The maximum number of invitations to the invitation code of12 sub-, Invitation Code Invitation Limit for Tribal Natives6 sub-; The second is to send direct digital bonuses with orders , as long as a new user receives your bonus for the first time and successfully downloads and signs up for the Order App, you will also get a 5YOU/person invitation bonus.

4.It is logical that there is an invitation code required for the Order App to be successfully registered. Knock on the door here! But as long as you have received the ordered red packets from your friends via WeChat or mobile number It is possible to register directly without an invitation code . So, students who have received the ordered bonus don't foolishly ask for an invite code in their circle of friends, okay?

5.Note that the above events do not have an event deadline, though But as soon as the number of registered users of the App reaches 10W6666 first name Genesis inhabitant 93334 tribal aborigines), Event ends immediately So we need to move fast.

Back to the Arrive App, it is a very complete mobile product application that I have been responsible for since I was a product manager, from front to back, and the entire product interaction prototype was built step by step with my bare hands. Well, finally, the day has come.

In less than two months, we developed this blockchain product for all - Order App . If we say Ta is exquisite, we have indeed done our best to polish it in just over a month. If Ta is brown, there is also really a lot of room for continued optimization.

So, looking forward to your experience and feedback.

My WeChat: yangpengyi001

Feel free to leave a comment in the background have orders " for the download link.

Remembered in the early morning hours of March 20.

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