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【XboxoneS】unboxing& boot up (a computer)& Tips for Beginners

again I'm going to start with a water post and a standard photo of the product.


As a senior lao deep nian single game player, often mixed in the PC platform, but deep inside there has been a kind of fascination to the host, feel that is the single game is the right place, sit on the sofa with the handle to the TV fall is the right game posture. The memory of childhood is always so profound, no matter how the years and society wears off, there is always some feeling that you want to get back, so it's hard to say how much of a game console is for the entertainment of the moment, and how much is to find the feeling of the year. Sure, today's PCs are perfectly capable of letting you sit on the couch with a joystick and watch TV or even play the same game, but just the fact that it's called a console gives me a different feeling, probably because the computer thing still carries a certain amount of work with it after all. As for why Xbox and not PS, it's because the latter has ugly grips ~ Sony's big deal, really, is to pick a relatively familiar-sounding pit to jump into first.

我在准备入手个什么东西之前,还挺喜欢找点什么 unboxing、上手体验之类的东西来看,现在轮到自己拥有了,也贡献一下,以飨后来者。下文中Xbox我可能会叫xb,Xbox One会是x1,Xbox One S会是x1s。另外叙述中除了有我自己实践过的,也有各种听来的,不保证后者的真确性,请自行判断。

言归正传,我是上月底(6月)在某宝JS买的欧版,容量1T,选配《大革命、战争机器1、地平线1、Rare 30合1小游戏合集》4款游戏,21XX大洋,买前明确得知已拆封,理由是为了带过关~我不信,我猜测的一个原因是为了把原包里面的同捆游戏、14天金会员之类的赠品扣下来单独买,如果只是这样,算是业界良心了,就怕拆封又拆机,换个零件什么的,甚至直接给一台翻新的这就糟心了,没办法,谁让我不买国行又不想海淘/代购等个十天半月呢,况且这价位确实诱惑,反正这半个月天天玩下来还没有什么异样,但愿保持。提醒一点:标榜几码合一的都是拆封的,卖原封的根本不会拿这个说事,总之如果你非常介意这个,下手之前最好问清楚。另外也就是说,我这篇 unboxing是个二次 unboxing,不喜勿看。


I can tell from the packaging that this one is actually a War Fag 4 bundle, but no more, King 8 Egg boss you give me back my sweat game~

毫不掩饰已开封,如果不是买之前已经知道,而是等 unboxing才发现,我想我是接受不了的,必然退货

Inside this side box is, from left to right, the power cable (two-pin, direct plug), the handle, and the HDMI cable

There's a flat box on the bottom of the main unit

There was supposed to be a redemption card for the fag 4 and 14 day gold membership in there, and probably something else, but now there's just a manual

Gave these games though, Horizon 1 (cartridge, which is a backwards compatible 360 game), Revolution (redemption card), RareReplay 30-in-1 mini-game (loose disk, 9 of which are backwards compatible and 21 are x1 remakes), and Faggot 1 Ultimate (loose disk, originally from the 360 era, this is for the x1 remakes)

The real face of the mainframe. The black strip on the bottom left is a sticker with text warning not to move the mainframe while reading the disk or something like that, which can be removed

This seal on the back doesn't look normal, and there's a vague concern that the machine has been dismantled, shivering

The handle looks good, and since I have experience seeing high imitations, this one visually looks genuine, it's really all about the workmanship of the case mold, the evenness of the seams, the feel of the buttons especially the LT/RT, the high imitations have a banging sound when pressed, also the seams are not of the same width, and the flow between the two pieces put together is not perfect . Do not underestimate these details, details to see the real chapter, details well represented by the hard material and processing technology, fake goods can never imitate the details, not to see flat do not have that technology, but he could not invest that cost, or the meaning of fake is no longer .

This is a standard microUSB interface, you can directly use a cable to connect the host, the host end is a standard rectangular port, wired, the handle can not install the battery as well as do wireless pair of code, into a pure wired handle to use, if the handle put rechargeable batteries, the line can be charged to the battery, charging while playing. I bought an original cable from the store for extra money and plugged it in, I hate wireless and the cable just feels reliable, stable and solid to me

The S version of the grip adds a 3 .5mm headphone hole compared to the original, so you'll be able to get away with buying the special headset that comes with Microsoft, which is sweet . But the matching headset also has the benefit of having an operating panel, which fits highly into the handle when plugged in and looks like one piece, and the panel has buttons for +/- volume, opening and closing the microphone, etc ., which is quite convenient looking . In addition, the S version of the handle adds Bluetooth functionality, which means that for devices such as laptops that already have a Bluetooth adapter can be connected directly, without having to buy a separate wireless receiver

boot up (a computer)

抱歉 boot up (a computer)图并不是每个画面/步骤都有,只是些有代表性的画面。另外手机渣画质,见谅,其实我电视效果很好的/得意

首次 boot up (a computer)首先是要你按下手柄上的A,应该是确保手柄与主机的通信正常。另外原装线的长度有两米多

Then the next thing should be to choose the language, did not shoot, I chose the default English, I was trying to keep the E language in these important links to avoid mothballing problems, perhaps the work on the problem to see more, into the habit, can be avoided to avoid all. Then come to this step to check the network. The x1s can't be set up for PPPoE or anything, they have to rely on the parent device to supply the external network, so make sure the router has internet access and DHCP on.

oh yeah

It's time to update . If it is the most recent factory batch, probably do not use this step, but if the batch is not new enough and no more, it should be more by the shop

The update started with a little over 1G, which is not a bad speed . The picture is what the first generation Xbox one looks like, I believe this is a uniform built-in resource for the system and doesn't dynamically pull images based on the real model

But when you come to the 3rd and final step of the update, the diagram is right

This is to ask you to choose the shutdown mode, two, the left is a complete shutdown, the right is similar to sleep, each has its advantages and disadvantages, the former saves power the latter starts fast, if the shutdown will give x1s power off, such as unplugging/pulling the gate, it is best to choose a complete shutdown, I am in this situation

This step is to choose whether to turn on automatic software and system updates, like me it is definitely not possible to choose automatic


I seem to have skipped it after logging in with an error and logging out, which is not required in the initialization session

When you go to the home page, you are prompted to update the handle again

Then just change it, and the watermelon button on the handle will flash when you change it . Then I bought another grip, same prompt to change, it seems there is a microsystem in the grip and the prompt only plugs in the grip to be changed, the rest have to be disconnected

这时我可以放心的改语言了,Settings>System>Language & Location

改了以后要求重启,这也是日常 boot up (a computer)画面,xbox one几个字的下方有3个点的动画效果,我这没拍到

I just logged into my account here and this time it worked

Then you are asked to select account protection measures, in order, no take, specific key, and account secret . This setting works when logging in, buying things, changing account settings, etc . If you set it to the latter two, you will have to enter something each time you perform these actions, this is set as needed depending on the situation . Anyway, on the same technical plane, the safer you are, the more trouble you have, and vice versa

Then I went into the marketplace, picked the redemption code, and prepared to redeem the Revolution

This is what the back of the game redemption card looks like, there is a laminated compartment, when you flip it over there is a 25-digit number and a huge QR code, if you have physical sense, you can scan it with physical sense, otherwise you will have to use the handle to enter the 25-digit code, you can enter it without the short bar in the middle

The exchange was successful . This crummy phone is really taking an ugly picture of my TV effect

Then go to the game purchase page and start downloading . These days you can't even say hello to a masterpiece without 4/50 gigs

Enter the game and auto-bloom in . Now there's a very user-friendly mechanic, which is that these big games often don't even have to wait for all of them to download, just 10-20% of the way down will prompt you to start playing, and then play as you go . I heard the same mechanism is available on the PS4 side

Tips for Beginners

I started only half a month, at present also has only one experience, is to buy a different service digital version of the game, has not bought a CD and digital sharing version, so can share things are very limited, the old driver does not have to look, I think it is mainly the intention to start x1s or the same just into the pit of the base friend to play an introductory role, passing the old driver if found that there is a wrong place, welcome axe .

先说一些基本认识,x1的游戏分发形式有两种,光盘 harmony数字版。前者的工作方式是,先放盘把游戏安装到主机里,以后每次运行这个游戏都需要放盘,换句话,盘没了,这游戏也玩不了了,即便游戏还在主机里;数字版则是用某个账号登录xbox市场,购买游戏后,游戏会计入该账号的名下,用账号登录某台主机后,就能在该主机中看到+下载安装+进行游戏,如果账号 again登录另一台主机,那么新主机也同样可以进行上述操作,但是之前已登录的那台主机,该账号也许会被踢下线,就是一个账号能同时登录的主机数量是有限的,据说是1台,这个很好理解,类似迅雷会员之类的只能同时在一个客户端登录。没有登录该账号的主机,就玩不到该账号名下的游戏,但是,还存在一种home机制,允许不登录某账号也能玩的它的游戏,这也是网上所谓数字共享游戏的运营手法之一,由于我自己还没这方面的经验,不扯远。简单总结,就是光盘安装的游戏,游戏是与盘挂钩,盘在谁手上,谁就可以玩;而数字版的游戏,游戏是与购买它的账号挂钩,账号登录哪台主机,哪台主机就可以玩。

About the overhead

So far, the known information is that x1 has not been cracked, whether it's on disc or digital, the source of the game is genuine, of course here is the technical concept rather than legal, specifically that every game disc you get is officially (specifically MS or the game publisher this is not understood) made, not who burned or copied it by themselves; for the digital version, it must have been obtained from the xbox marketplace by a certain account, no matter how it was obtained, whether it was purchased, redeemed code or obtained for free, the game will always belong to that account and cannot be transferred. In short, there is no way to create a copy of a game out of thin air, all copies come from regular sources, and based on this reality, it means that you basically have to pay a price for every game you acquire, whether you buy it directly from MS or from someone else, because the OP paid the price too.

隔壁的PS4也没破解,而且没有可乐观的迹象,这都几年过去了,以那么多牛逼的软硬件cracker的捣鼓能力,这不是正常的节奏。也就是说入手这代主机一定要有后续源源不断的投入这个觉悟,以我初步的经验,一个游戏少则30~50,多则300~500,100~200这个区间的花销应该是常态,所以如果不打算在这个上面有太多的投入,慎入,建议转向对上一代平台进行评估,搞不好更好玩,老实说我现在都有 again来一台360的想法,因为我发现好多我喜欢的游戏都是360的,虽然x1能兼容部分360游戏,但也就是部分~anyway,这是后话,总之这是个真坑。另外对于想拉一家大小在客厅愉快的蹦蹦跳跳的用家来说,x1+体感倒真是一个值得入手的好选择,毕竟说到底,小几千的消费比起时不时出去唱个K泡个吧旅个行做个保健什么的,真的是相当便宜的娱乐支出了,而且还是个长期娱乐。

About GB/non-GB

目前x1的世界分两个,一个是大陆境内,大陆的软件(游戏&应用)市场叫国服,大陆正规销售的硬件设备(主机&手柄)叫国行,购买国行主机的用户叫国行勇士;另一个是境外(港澳台+外国),也叫自由世界→_→,这个世界的软件市场有美服、 Hong Kong service、毛服等,硬件则有美版、欧版、港版等等等~好像很复杂,但是!它们之间是相通的(具体怎么个通法后面会说到),所以把它们归为一个世界。两个世界基本断绝联系,国行主机上不了外服,玩不了在外服买的游戏,反过来也一样。不过有大量说法是现在国行主机已经可以玩其它地区发行的光盘游戏,而非国行主机则依旧不能玩国行光盘,换句话,如果游戏都买光盘,国行主机反而是通吃。关于国行与非国行的对比,网上有大量详尽的说明,我就不瞎扯了。

The reason I don't buy the GB is that I'm worried I won't be able to play the games I want to play, because there are more not-so-famous games that I might want to play in addition to the big well-known titles that are unlikely to come out on disc and are unlikely to make it into the GB, so I'll have to buy them digitally, so what's the point of playing the GB . Based on the fact that I'm already in the non-National camp, the things stated below may not apply to National .

About the account

要上市场买游戏,必须有一个微软账号,这个账号是在微软旗下产品间通用的,例如Win8+、微软商城以及Outlook/OneDrive等在线应用,当然也包括Xbox的在线服务,所以如果你此前在使用微软产品/服务时已经注册过一个,就不用 again专为xbox注册一个了,当然想注册也行,反正注册不要钱。账号主页https://account .microsoft .com,里面有提供 About the account的一些信息 harmony管理功能,例如可以增减付款方式,查看账户资产(余额)、交易记录等。账号在xbox的线上服务xbox live中有所属区域这个概念,目前我只知道区域关系到只能在哪个服购买金会员,比如账号属于香港的话,只能在 Hong Kong service购买金会员,而金会员在不同的服有不同价格。关于金会员,后面讲剁手时会 again次提到。

How do you know which region your account belongs to, I haven't found an orthodox way, the only experience that should still be reliable is to visit this page .https://live .xbox .com/AccountMigration In the bottom left corner of the page, there is a globe icon and the text next to it is the region the account belongs to, for example, if you have a Hong Kong account, it will show [Chinese (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)] here. At the same time, the function of this page is actually to transfer the account area, that is to say, MS allows you to transfer the account from one district to another, so do not know the current region is not a problem, know which district you want to go on the line, but the transfer area has a frequency limit, the page also explains, that is, 3 months to transfer 1 time, note that this transfer area is different from the usual "transfer service", the latter is the more important thing, later chop will be mentioned, and the account belongs to what district, as mentioned above, is known to be just related to the purchase of gold membership to spend how much money, not very important things.

About Find a Game

For games that are already known, search through this page athttp://www .xbox .com/en-US/Search?q= , actually this page not only searches for x1 games, but also x360 games, DLC, consoles, support information, forums and other stuff . Here are some tips . ① The en-US in the URL itself is a form of [language-region] representation, often used in internationalization application scenarios to distinguish different versions of the same resource, coders should not be unfamiliar with this stuff . The specific languages and regions denoted by which letters belong to the ISO standard are described in Language Code List harmony Area Code List Here are a few that are commonly used to play xbox .

 zh-CN // Chinese - China
 zh-HK // Chinese - Hong Kong
 en-TW // Chinese - Taiwan
 en-SG // Chinese - Singapore
 en-US // English-US
 en-CA // English - Canada
 pt-BR // Luso-Brazilian
 ru-RU // Russian - Russia

像xbox .com这种服务全球的大站,往往用这种方式来标识同一个页面的不同语言地区版本,用什么代码去访问(道上黑话叫请求),服务器就返回相应的页面(如果有的话),比如你可以把上面那串网址中的en-US改成zh-HK访问试试,相信隔壁PS的商店也有类似的机制。但是这个东西在xbox网站,不仅仅是返回不同语言的页面这么简单,实际上是不同地区市场的区别,就是所谓的什么什么服。举个例子,分别在en-US harmonyzh-HK页面搜索sky force,得到的结果是不同的,后者没有搜出【Sky Force Anniversary】这个游戏,就是因为前者是美服,后者是 Hong Kong service,不同服上的东西是不同的,其中美服我相信是相对最全的,说相对,是因为也有些游戏是别服有而美服没有的,这种情况我想主要出在地区独立制作的小游戏上,比如《你的玩具》是国产游戏,它就没在外服上架,只能在国服(zh-CN)搜到,美服无论搜《your toy》还是《你的玩具》都没有, again比如《怒首领蜂》系列(英文名:DoDonPachi,xbox360的),只在日服(ja-JP)有,总之就是,一个游戏在哪些服上架,这个没定论,只能具体情况具体分析,我的建议是,优先在美服找,没有 again到游戏产地所在服找,在美服用游戏英文名搜,其它服则可能需要搜游戏本名。下面的示例我可能都是基于美服讲解,总之记住,只要网址出现语言地区码,就该联想到可以改成你想要的语言 harmony地区码访问,但服务器是否按需返回这个不能保证,我说的不止是xbox .com,而是任何网站。②搜索结果中,这些地方分别表明了一些重要信息,先看图:

The first is to distinguish between xbox one and xbox 360 games, said here can find things not only x1 games, there are many things, including the previous generation of 360 games, because we are the x1 party, so as long as you pay attention to the results of the Xbox One column, rest assured that the down-compatible 360 games will also be summarized in it, it depends on the top of the cover banner, identified as xbox one means that this is an x1 native game, marked xbox 360 means that this is a down-compatible game, as shown in the last game "COD: Black Ops II" is, in short, not summarized in the x1 column of the game do not look at, buy you may not be able to play . Then there's banner at the bottom of the cover, which GAME says is the game's ontality, and other words such as DUR mean DLC, accessories, and so on . Also no matter how many things are searched, only one line will be shown here, so if what you are looking for is not in it, you need to tap [See all Xbox One results] in the top right corner to go to the full results page .

If there is no clear purpose and you want to review the game like a supermarket, you can use this page .https://www .microsoft .com/en-US/store/new/games/xbox?target=games . .all The left column of the page can do some filtering and sorting, such as the type of game and so on, like I like to play like stomping mushrooms such as the horizontal board over the level, you can poke in the [Platformer] category, of course, stomping mushrooms is not likely to appear ~ old Ren why are you not willing to do the game properly .

Once you find the game, click on it to come to the game details page, for examplehttps://www .microsoft .com/en-us/store/p/overcooked/bp8wdv3t37n7 If there is a "Bundles containing this item" section on the page, it means that the game is in the collection listed, which is often in the form of the game itself + accessories/DLC/season cards, or a bundle of multiple games, and the price is cheaper than the total price of the individual items included. ② In turn, the detail page of the ensemble will appear with an [In this bundle] column listing the included items. ③ If the game supports multiplayer, a column [Capabilities] (usually to the right of Screenshots) will appear, indicating whether the game supports local multiplayer or online multiplayer or both, and how many people each supports. There are also Release date, Approximate download size, and Ratings and reviews sections that provide information on the game's release date, download size, and player reviews, respectively.

You can find that the URL of the game details page is also with the language region code, so the page you see just represents the game in this service, i .e . the selling price, size, reviews, etc ., changing the service may be different ~ how to change it still remember it, change the language region code in the URL, first of all the selling price is almost not equal, that is Different suits have different pricing , and is priced in local currency, which is covered below on how to find a lower priced suit; then the Game size may also vary For example, the tomb 9.美服 harmony Hong Kong service This means that you may get different games in different services, which basically means that the language of the game is different, so this information is also important, otherwise you may play a "fake" game, where others are happily jerking off in Chinese, but you are wandering around with no idea . As for how to determine whether the game supports Chinese, this is really a slot, the page is not listed, I have to xbox .uservoice .com mentioned, I hope to improve, in short, at present can only rely on multiple understanding, in addition I seem to feel a doorway, seems to be a little reliable, is not clear game, cut to zh-HK or zh-TW or zh-SG look at the [description] section, if it is Chinese, then there is a play ~ FYI; in addition to comments are also made by the players of this service, for example, in the Hong Kong service may see throwing the old mother of thunder, is also a reference to judge the quality of the game .

About chopping

本着剁的精细剁的开心的原则,当然是下刀越小越好,土豪请离开。在找好想买的游戏后,如何以较低的价格搞到就成为课题,由于我只在官网买过,所以只有这个渠道的心得,别的剁手渠道我知道的有,①买盘,包括X宝、闲鱼、海淘或同城实体店都可以买,不过你想要的游戏未必有盘,而且除非二手,不然光盘版的价格基本不可能比数字版低。但是买盘在我看来有个好处,就是由于可以流通,所以盘具有一定的保值作用,像剧情类游戏,玩完就可以出手,中间的差价就是你玩这个游戏所付出的,有时候这个差价甚至是0,甚至小赚一点都不是不可能,当然前提是你的盘能出手;②买游戏兑换卡/码,卡跟码是一回事,卡上就是那串码。这个东西的来源我猜有几种:1)主机同捆游戏,里面提供的就是一张游戏兑换卡,被JS拿出来卖,网上一百多两百多的卡大概属于这类;2)游戏商为了甩货跑量,又不好意思(或者是不能?)直接改定价或常年打折,就发行大量低价兑换卡,能圈多少算多少,《刺客信条:大革命》大概就是这种。换句话说能出兑换卡的游戏也很有限,可能比出光盘版的都要少得多,所以这种渠道只可遇不可求,不可能成为日常入手渠道;③买数字共享版,其实就是买账号,或者叫租。上面说过数字版都是属于某个账号的,只要知道账号 harmony密码,就能在你的主机登进该账号,玩到它的游戏。但是这个号什么时候别人一登,或是修改密码你就玩蛋了, again有就是这种以经营为目的的账号,其行为在大数据面前一定是有异常的,另一个角度,登录过大量不同账号的主机也是异常的,这些迹象MS都可以掌握,她是睁只眼闭只眼还是抓典型还是打击一片真的只看心情,总之我胆小,这个渠道大概不会考虑。下面说说官网剁手心得。

It is known that different games have different pricing in different services, so the first step is to find out which services are cheaper for the game you want to buy, a need that is fairly universal, and so there are already price comparison sites, likeDigital Games Prices、【Xbox-Now .comI like the latter, the former looks scum, and just I am looking for a game can not be found, and RMB exchange rate difference is too much, I believe is the update frequency can not keep up, the latter is basically satisfied, so I have been on her . If you're looking for a game with an English name, you'll get the cheapest price of the game in which service is converted to the target currency, the target currency is set in the $ drop down box, ours is CNY not RMB, for example, the results of the current search for Rayman Legends are as follows .

这个意思就是当前雷曼传奇在阿根廷服的售价最低,当地售价为199阿根廷比索,换算过来为79 .64大洋。同时有该游戏在几个服的发行(or上架?)日期信息。点【See in Xbox Store】就能直通雷曼在阿根廷服的页面,【See all prices】则是显示该游戏在若干服的售价详情,按目标货币的价格从低到高排序,这非常有用,因为我们并不总是能到最低售价服购买,就说这个阿根廷服,它支持的支付方式有信用卡、账号余额、当地座机?(印象中),一般来说,所有服都支持信用卡 harmony余额这两种方式,然后不同的服会支持一些当地特色的支付方式,比如 Hong Kong service就支持支付宝哦。而信用卡也不是是张信用卡都能用的,首先必然是VISA/MasterCard流,然后听说 Some suits are card pickers and have to be local cards, this Asuka and Brazilian suits are legendary for not tying up cards online . I haven't got a card myself yet and can't give back any useful information about this . If the credit card route doesn't work, the only way to go is with gift cards, which are actually reload cards that have a face value and are charged to the account to form a balance . The gift card is divided into currencies, for example, the Argentine gift card, the currency is the Argentine peso, this gift card is filled in, is counted as your account under the number of Argentine pesos, if you then fill a Brazilian gift card in, your account will have an additional balance of Brazilian reals, the balance of the Argentine peso remains unchanged, the account balance information can be found inhttps://account .microsoft .com/ See . The balance of each currency can't be used across services ~ this is the source of unhappiness, the balance of Brazilian reals can't buy games in the Argentine service, and vice versa, so to buy something in the Argentine service, you must have a balance of Argentine pesos, and the balance is charged through gift cards, so you need Argentine gift cards, however this is not currently available in X-Power So even knowing which suit is cheapest in the game won't necessarily go to that suit, because you may not get a gift card in that currency .Of course there are also places like Amazon in the US and UK where you can look for them and then buy them on Amazon with a foreign currency credit card, as long as the conversion doesn't cost you much, they are all alternative routes . Back to the example, since the Argentine clothing can not be confused, you can go into the "See all prices" to see which clothes can be retreated, such as I saw the picture in turn hungary, Turkey, South Africa - DUANG, South Africa in X Treasure has been unlocked, according to the page, the game in South Africa clothing price of 249 rand, equivalent to 128 oceans, if accepted, you can go to X Bao to make a best 250 face value of the South African gift card, but, if only 300, 500 these values, Think about it, because although there will be no end, but if there is more left and is unlikely to spend again in this service, then the remaining balance is worthless, but in my experience, Brazil, South Africa, Russia (mao), Canada are popular low-cost services, can be long-term holding . As for the price of gift cards, this paragraph of the situation is, in the 100 ocean range, usually more than the exchange rate of a few dollars, so this involves a real expenditure calculation problem, that is, the comparison website given RMB can only be used as a reference, your actual expenditure will be a little higher than it, and the different stores selling gift cards will also have different prices, pay attention to the choice . If the price of multiple services is very close and you are looking to start with the lowest price, you need to combine the actual expenditure (X-Bao price) to consider which service to choose . In addition, need to know the comparison site data is not real-time crawl, so its price is only a reference, not necessarily the current accurate price of the official website, like I have encountered a game in various clothing discount hit the hot, but the price of the site is still a case of the original price, but most of the time is still reliable, including discount information have accurate presentation and sub-operation, in short, when choosing clothes do not forget to look on the official website . This part of the content is more, first of all:

  • Choose the right suit to buy through price comparison sites
  • 可以到X宝等地找某个服对应的礼品卡及合适的面值
  • The gift card is a number that is charged to the account number by a specific operation and exists as a balance in the corresponding currency
  • One account can have balances in multiple currencies without interfering with each other
  • When you buy a game, you can pay with the balance of the corresponding currency in whatever service you buy it in, and deduct as much as you use

As for the operation of filling the card, I don't want to go into great detail, I like to share tips rather than write tutorials, so I hope it's understood. There are two ways to recharge your card, one is to recharge it athttps://redeem .microsoft .com/To proceed, one is to choose a gift card (Gift card) from the payment option that pops up when you buy the game, which is how I charge them all. The follow-up steps for both methods are basically the same, they both confirm to you the top-up information after entering the card number, what currency how much these are. 如果是第一次充入某种币种,会要求你填个账单地址,这个地址已经把国家/地区限定在币种所属国,改不了,意味着只能填个该国/地区的地址,而且稍候会验证省份城市邮编这几个重要信息,乱填是不行的,但是更详细的街道这些就无所谓了,一个经验是网上搜我国驻当地使馆的官网,上面一般有地址信息,总之搞个地址这不是啥问题,但另一个问题有点棘手,就是这些页面是用当地文字,比如巴西服用的是葡萄牙语,毛服用的是俄语,面对这些天书的时候你的内心可能是崩溃的,就是你会连哪个格子是要你填城市还是邮编你都乱不清,还好现在各种在线翻译网站比较强大,把文字复制过去搜就好~等等,有些地方可能复制不了,我的做法是利用浏览器的开发人员工具,定位元素并复制,这一招如果你觉得有困难的话,那么还有一招,去熟悉语言的服假装充一个, As for whether you have to fill out the address in your local language, this is because I've done it in both local and English and passed both, so you can just try blind. Also, the game redemption code is similar and simpler, no need to fill out an address or anything, just enter your card number and the game will be in your name after you redeem it.

购买的操作,就是在游戏详情页点那个显眼的购买按钮,注意有些游戏会出现没有那个按钮,或按钮为灰色不可点的情况,前者一般是因为这个游戏不单卖,上面有说明什么合集包含它,让你去买合集;灰色的情况是游戏没在这个服上架,这种情况一般是通过改网址中的地区码切服会遇到,通过搜索 harmony比价网站进入的页面一般不会,这种情况要注意,你可以去其他服把这个游戏买下,但在你的主机中可能见不到它,此时需要把主机切换到游戏存在的服才能见到,然后下载安装,切回来就能玩了(当然不切回来也能),后面讲主机切服时会 again次讲到。说回购买步骤,点击购买后会弹出支付选项,如果有多种可用的方式,选择合适的就好,对于只有该币种余额的情况,默认就是这种方式,继续就行了。同时可以在这个页面选择兑换礼品卡,也就是上面说到的通过购买步骤进行充值的情况,然后会进入充值步骤,填卡号地址之类的,地址在一个服只需填一次。充值步骤完成后,会回到支付选项界面,此时就会出现刚刚充入的余额。购买的最后步骤会等个几秒,完了游戏页面不 again显示售价,而是显示你已拥有此产品,同时购买按钮也会变成【安装到Xbox】,这我没点过,都是回家到主机上,进入待安装板块就能见到并下载安装游戏。

这里说一下支付宝,外服支持支付宝的大概只有 Hong Kong service,就是在 Hong Kong service买游戏时,支付选项中可以添加AliPay的方式,填上支付宝账号或手机,经过一些必要的验证就绑上了,以后在 Hong Kong service买东西就可以愉快的选支付宝支付了,扣费是按RMB harmonyHKD的汇率来的,但是要注意整个支付过程是免密的,我就因为想试试一不小心买了个游戏,没敢下载安装,第二天联系 Hong Kong service客服给我退了,对方表示由于是第一次退款才允许我退,以后就不大可能退了,但是言谈中我感觉这个事情客服的拿捏尺度比较大,退不退是他说了算。事后我咨询过支付宝客服能不能设为不免密,答复是不能,要么取消绑定,要么就只能免密,所以如果家里有熊孩子,要慎重。另外, Hong Kong service不属于低价服,很少出现某个游戏在 Hong Kong service处于低位的情况,但只要出现,我就会在 Hong Kong service用支付宝买,主要是心理上求个安稳,感觉应该时不时给MS留下一条正常购买的记录,而不是统统都是一堆全球各地的礼品卡,有利于对我身为正常用家的认定。

again推荐一个有利于剁手的网站:https://www .storeparser .com/en-US/xbox-one/deals/sort-by-variance/,这是个列出哪些游戏正在打折以及打多少折的页面,收录比较全,而且可以按打折力度进行排序,所以这提供了另一个位面好让我们剁手,就是买一个东西的理由,除了需要它,还可能因为有便宜占,即便你不太需要。所以没事可以逛逛这个网站,如果撞到高价大作跌入谷底,可以考虑入手。每个游戏点进去后,有个【View On Microsoft .com】的按钮,可以直通该游戏的购买页面。此外国内也有像【 Game Morning . Information sites like] will post some discounts in the form of articles, but I personally don't like them, and this is the kind of thing I find easier to understand when presented as a database .

The benefits of Gold membership are: ① you can play online, which is a must for players who like online games; ② there are free (commonly known as free games for members, or free for short), discounted games and discounts exclusive to Gold members. It seems that every month, some games are free and discounted to gold members, and the games that are also discounted to regular members, the discount to gold members will be lower, and the difference is quite real; for players who often chop, it is still quite cost-effective to be on the gold membership, spend a little money to save a lot of money. Gold membership has a term, similar to Xunlei/QQ these VIP, the purchase term also has 3 months, yearly yearly yearly these specifications, in addition to the official website to buy, you can also buy gold membership card at X Bao. When it expires, the games obtained for free as a Gold member will revert to charges and you will have to pay for them again or become a Gold member again to play them, but for the games you bought at a membership discount in the first place, you will get to keep them and will not be asked to pay the difference. There's also a paid service called Xbox Game Pass, which seems to be a thing where you can play a number of big titles for free for a period of time, so you can find out for yourselves.

About hosting area, language

主机上可设置所在区域 harmony语言,其中所在区域就是指主机所在服,修改区域就是所谓的切服或换服,注意这跟前面提到的账号所属区域不同,这个想切就切,没有次数限制。操作也很简单,设置→系统→语言 harmony位置,需要重启才生效。所以我不推荐在主机上买游戏,因为要来来回回的切服重启,麻烦,而且遇上要填个卡号、地址之类的,手柄打字有多蛋疼你知道。

The region where the host is located relates to several things: 1) whether a particular game can be searched . As with web search, if a game isn't on the console's app, it won't be found in the console market ;(; Even if you bought the game on the web page, but if the game is not on the host's clothing shelf, then in the host's board to be installed also can not see this game, also can not download, this situation you only / just cut the host to the existence of the game's clothing can be seen and downloaded in the installation, installed, you can cut back the original suit (of course, do not cut back also OK), the game Will normally appear in the game list, can play normally, so this is not a terrible thing, in other words, you can rest assured in the web page hand, package you can play to it, this is the meaning of the outerwear are connected, first you can freely switch back and forth, and then you buy a game in a suit, in other clothing can also play; As mentioned earlier, some games have different language versions in different services, and if your console's service is not in the Chinese area, it may go down to a version without Chinese . This situation should be a minority, most of the games should be a package; (4) related to what kind of internet speed you download the game, although not confirmed, but my feelings are different, in Hong Kong under the game will be much faster than in the United States . In addition, whether it is also related to the speed of the online network this is not clear, I have not connected to the machine so far . About the network here to mention a little more, is x1s network settings can not set up agents, that is, if you want to let the host scientific Internet, only in the parent device (such as routing) to make an idea, if you like to go online, buy an FQ-enabled route may be necessary .

Based on the above, my suggestion is that the region where the host is located can be based in Hong Kong, unless there is a ② situation, but you can cut back once the game has been played.

The other is the language option, which is also related to some things: ① what text is the console interface; ② game text or even voice, this is very important, the language is not the experience of the game is very different, for the game options can be set freely in the language of the game, such as Tomb 9, it is fine, but if the game is based on the host language options automatically "smart sha can bi" match the game language, it is not good. So the language piece I recommend permanent for Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwan does not matter, Simplified Chinese can also be set, but a game that only provides Traditional Chinese without Simplified Chinese, and it belongs to the auto-match kind, the host set to Simplified Chinese, it will be displayed as E language because it can not match the language ~ this is very awkward, in view of the status of many games or priority support for Traditional Chinese, it is still recommended to set the host language to Traditional Chinese.

The region and language of the host are two unrelated things, so feel free to set them separately, for example, it's perfectly fine to have US+Chinese, or HK+E, etc . Just figure out what's at stake for each .

About the feeling

One word for it, trust me, the experience is definitely much better on a big screen than a computer screen, but I guess only if the TV is not crummy and the display is guaranteed to be good in addition to the adequate screen size . I would also suggest here that TV is not a FMCG product, it is something that serves your eyes for a long time, for your eyes and experience, it is worth to buy a good TV that is more expensive, and preferably not a TV that focuses on "smart", the TV should be a very pure screen, the size and effect is the first thing . Back to the topic, the console gives me a gaming-centric feel, both in terms of the interface and the way it interacts, which is different from hooking up your computer to the TV and then still being faced with icons desktop and all that - presumably, the console keeps you fully engaged in entertainment and doesn't remind you of work in any way as such .

游戏方面,不像PC那样游戏中可设置的东西那么多,首先画质类的设定是不存在的,目前几款大作玩下来,画质 harmony流畅度都比较满意,就是游戏载入时间赶不上有SSD加持的PC,不过主机无论是x1还是ps4也可以换SSD,目前我的体会是没必要,可能还没遇到需要载入很久的游戏吧;其次是语言选项,这个分游戏,有些允许有些不能,我是希望都允许,不然就只能改主机语言来将就它。说到语言,这方面就不如PC了,PC有伟大的汉化组,但主机游戏只能依靠官方,官方不出中文你就没办法。目前看来,大作基本都有中文,但很多我喜欢的非大作就没了,然而度娘一搜,居然TMD有汉化包唉~这就很尴尬了,总之语言这块不如PC。至于MOD我不感兴趣,无所谓。但修zuo改bi器是个问题,主机基本上是告别这个东西的,有人认为这是优点,有人认为是槽点,我认为应该一分为二的看待。对于网游,用任何非己之力的方式让自己处于优势,都是不道德的,因为你损害了别人的游戏体验;但对于单机,体验完全是个人的事,你就是全程刀枪不入纯看风景都是自己的选择,玩游戏不就图个体验吗,体验怎么好怎么来,觉得跟电脑死磕有成就感那就死磕,觉得调戏BOSS有意思那就调戏,修改器说白了只是提供了一种让你以更加灵活的难度级别体验游戏的选择,有选择的意思就是你可以选择用或者不用,以及用到什么样的程度。比如暗黑2,我就愿意只用个大箱子,不然符语这个精髓的东西就没法愉快的体验,你能说这很不要脸吗。说到底,游戏原本的难度级别设计只是有限的团队人员给出的出厂设定,这个设定也许符合大多数玩家,但不会是所有玩家,总有人觉得不够easy或不够hard,那么玩家依据自己的喜好调谐一下出厂设定根本很正常,甚至厂商自己都提供“修改器”不是吗,作弊码就是这种性质,总之这就跟餐馆端出来的东西你自己加盐加醋一样,不是说死守原味才是正确的人生观。所以主机在修改器这块也是失分的,当然好处就是,主机网游不会遇上挂逼,大家公平竞争。总言之,主机相对PC是个很封闭的环境,游戏的花样玩法不如PC丰富,但游戏过程的体验比典型的PC环境要好。

应用方面,是的,x1也可以装应用,它其实是个运行win10的特殊设备。市场中除了游戏还有不少应用,像国行那个百视通就是个视频应用而已,只是外服没有这个应用,但有类似的,甚至是神器~具体我就不说了,总之想拿x1当机顶盒没问题,如果嫌拿手柄换台的画风略显怪异的话,x1s还有遥控器卖哦,而且是官方出品的,微软商城就有。BTW,像手柄、遥控器这些外设在硬件上是不分国行非国行的,都通用,所以建议外设买国行,有保障;如果想看mkv视频,这个确实让我费了一番折腾,本来最简单的方式是,把mkv拷到U盘或移动硬盘,然后插主机,主机上装个【电视 harmony电影】(MS官方的)或ACGPlayer之类的播放器应用,通过应用打开文件的时候可以选择U盘等外置存储中的文件,但是!这个方法的问题在于,①U盘或移动硬盘的写入速度不怎么样的话,拷个mkv进去要半天~我们说的是10G左右的1080p电影;②不少高码mkv的音轨是DTS编码,操蛋的是上面我提到的播放器以及我尝试过的若干款播放器都搞不掂dts,就是有画面没声音。而我理想的观影方式是这样的:电脑上下好mkv后,在主机上通过局域网播放它,这样就少了U盘辗转的麻烦,并且要能匹配同名的外挂字幕,最好还能调整字幕的字体 harmony位置这些,总之就是要跟在电脑上播放一样一样的体验。所以针对这个需求我尝试过若干应用 harmony手段,多数播放器不是搞不掂dts就是不具备局域网播放的能力,直到找到一款叫VLC的播放器,这个VLC其实挺有名的,在PC上都是热门的主流播放器之一,也还好它良心支持x1,不然我看x1上就没什么合格的播放器了,我感觉VLC是上去教它们做人的,目前还是beta版,还不是很完善的样子,但是即便这样,它就已经帮我解决了两个最大的问题:局域网播放 harmonydts出声,希望尽快完善到更强的正式版。先说局域网播放,x1访问局域网资源的首选方式是DLNA,关于这个东西大家自行了解,首先x1本身就是个DLNA服务器,电脑上支持DLNA的软件能够发现它,像迅雷影音可以在打开文件后选择DLNA→播放到Xbox,但是没播放成功,还有Twonky也可以在视频文件上选择播放到Xbox,但是这种方式其实是启动x1s上的默认视频应用播放,dts该没声还是没声。另外的方式是http harmonyftp之类,也就是在电脑上搭个http/ftp服务,让x1s上的应用来访问服务,但是要用手柄输一大串URL真心操蛋,所以放弃。我现在的做法是,把电脑也变成个DLNA服务器,用Twonky , then use the DLNA-enabled player on the host to play files on the computer, which [TV and Movies] and VLC both support DLNA found, only the former is no sound, those what ACGPlayer or CCPlayer these five stars should la with ji even DLNA is not supported, but also actually have the face as a paid application, is really bullying Win10 applications less, the tiger is not at home monkey as the king of the feeling . So the two rigid needs of LAN playback and dts out sound are reached using Twonky (computer side) + VLC (host side), the rest is to match external subtitles with the same directory and name as mkv, this VLC can't, it supports both built-in and external subtitles, but external subtitles can only select subtitles in the host local or external storage, not on the LAN . So now I am downloading the mkv and subtitles and usingMKVMerge GUI Merge the subtitles into the mkv to form the built-in subtitles, so that VLC can select the subtitles when playing, of course, you can also set the subtitles as the default subtitles when composing, so you do not have to choose, just put it directly, but what font, position these do not hope, but the effect is OK, can not change will be, I hope to see this article of high people to give the perfect solution, thanks a lot . But there is another problem, is that whether through the LAN or U disk playback, the frame speed of the movie is not stable, every 10 seconds or so will drop so a second or two, people who are not too sensitive to the motion picture may not notice, anyway [TV and movie] and VLC playback have this problem, do not know if this is a problem of the application or HDMI transmission, or even if it will be x1s hardware and software problems do not know, hope to solve in the future . Also, don't forget that the x1s is still a Blu-ray player, but for me, what do I need a Blu-ray bike for when I have a high-code mkv .


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