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Xiao Lei: China is all set to issue a digital currency!

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Renowned financial columnist Xiao Lei posted an article China Is All Set to Issue a Digital Currency.

He believes that the direction of patent filings shows that China is already doing the final foundational technology assault for issuing a national digital currency, and there is a well-formed overall chain-like architecture in place. Not only is China ready to issue a digital currency, but it has already figured out how to issue, manage, settle, and even set up interactions between the digital currency and various currencies, and more importantly, the technologies have been patented, meaning that they are already well established and protected, and the next step is practical application.

The Digital Currency Institute of the Central Bank of China has now published4 patents filed The following are provided: "Method and query system for querying digital currency transaction information," "Method, terminal and system for synchronizing a digital currency wallet," "Method and system for exchanging a digital currency," and "Method and system for querying a linked account based on a digital currency wallet," respectively.

Xiao Lei looks like China is ready for a legal digital currency, is it really coming?

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