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Xiaopeng Automotive launches production car CES world premiere, unveils driverless solution for Asia

Today, Peng Auto unveiled its first-to-market production model, the Peng Auto G3, at CES.

Prior to this, Xiaopeng Auto has launched a Beta prototype and an engineering production car (version 1.0), and this time, the unveiling at CES is the launch production car, the model that will be available in China in a few months. Xiaopeng Auto named it G3, with the G taken from Geek (geek) and the number 3 representing the model category.

Highlight 1: LED lightsaber light clusters and sharp front lip create a fierce shark-like sports front

Based on the unique advantages of an electric vehicle, the Peng G3 has sharp and clean lines and an aggressive front look, which is an evolution compared to the engineering production version (version 1.0) that previously rolled off the production line.

LED lightsaber light clusters and a wide, sharp front lip combine to form a grille-less shark-like sports front; sharp-edged wheels, red-flame brake calipers, a suspended roof, a spoiler and integrated diamond matrix taillights are among the design elements.

Highlight 2: Space Cockpit

Highlight 3: 360° roof camera, large HD touch screen

The Xiaopeng G3 cockpit comes standard with 12.3-inch full LCD instrumentation and 15.6-inch suspended touch center control, with an 8° driver-friendly center console that integrates online music, map navigation, real-time weather and vehicle status control, and the driver can control all functions via an intelligent voice system.

The Xiaopeng G3 uses a 360° roof camera. In addition, the Xiaopeng G3's interior air conditioner integrates a fully automatic in-car fresh air system that includes PM2.5 monitoring and warning, air conditioning, pollen filtration, and an activated carbon filter, with superb air purification capabilities to keep the air in the car up to medical-grade standards.

Highlight 4: Autonomous driving hardware equipped with camera architecture adapted to localized autonomous driving

The Peng G3 is equipped with dual forward-facing cameras, dual-eye side cameras, four surround-view cameras, three millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors and two in-cabin smart cameras, for a total of 25 smart sensing devices stealthily embedded in the flowing lines of the entire vehicle.

Of particular importance is that the camera architecture of the Peng G3 is a first-of-its-kind solution that Peng Automotive has innovated for Asian driving problems, hoping to collaborate on its own development to adapt to the Asian driving environment. Previously, Peng Auto Chairman He Xiaopeng said that the G3 will realize the coverage of high-frequency life scenarios by automatic parking and carry the self-developed self-driving function of Peng Auto.

At the same time, the Peng Auto G3 provides OTA (Over-the-Air Software Upgrade) cloud upgrade service, which supports remote download and upgrade of various applications officially verified by Peng Auto, and enables remote control of door, window and air conditioning opening as well as vehicle monitoring and warning through an exclusive APP.

In September 2016, Xiaopeng Auto was the first to release a Beta prototype and take it for its first test drive; in July 2017, Xiaopeng Auto was the first to receive a product qualification announcement from the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; in October of the same year, the first batch of engineering production vehicles (version 1.0) rolled off the production line in Zhengzhou; on December 3 of the same year, the engineering production vehicle (version 1.0) with a Beijing license plate was delivered to its first owner, He Xiaopeng.

"From the time the engineering production version (version 1.0) rolled off the production line to the launch of the production version at CES, Peng Automotive has always demonstrated our strength through the speed of iteration and our ability to get to the ground. The 0 to 1 of internet car building is a brand new business, we did not rush to market and sell the engineered production car (version 1.0), it is to ensure the quality solidly through the pre-delivery of version 1.0 to employees and friendly users. We emphasize speed and have the same boldness to take to ensure quality, the ultimate balance of speed and quality is what Xiaopeng Auto is after. "Building a good car with high value, high quality and upgradable is the entry ticket for Xiaopeng Auto to fight in the car-making industry, and self-driving and Internet capabilities are our barriers to deeper Internet car manufacturing," said Xiaopeng He, chairman of Xiaopeng Auto. Compared to the century-old traditional car-making, Internet car-making is in its teenage years, revering tradition but bravely exploring, pursuing speed but also seeking truth and pragmatism, which is exactly the geek spirit that Xiaopeng Auto and our users are attracted to each other and appreciate together. "

The Peng G3 is reportedly scheduled to go on sale in the spring of 2018, when specific configurations and pricing will be announced.

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