cool hit counter Xiaopeng's first SUV doesn't lose face by getting a Hema OEM, comes with a big 15.6-inch screen, and can drive itself!_Intefrankly

Xiaopeng's first SUV doesn't lose face by getting a Hema OEM, comes with a big 15.6-inch screen, and can drive itself!

The Internet car-making sound is rising, whether it is the Internet giants, or PPT car-making, have attracted a lot of capital. However, the biggest problem that these "car companies" encounter in the process of building cars is often not in terms of products, but more in terms of policies. This includes some emerging car companies that can't get a license to build cars. This is an urgent problem for not just one, but several "car companies" at the moment.

Some of them are building cars by acquiring manufacturers that are qualified to build cars but are already moribund, while others are producing mass-produced cars through OEMs. The latter approach is one that many Internet car-making "car companies" are now emulating. For example, Azera is OEM'd through JAC and Xiaopeng is OEM'd through Hema. As for the harm, in the author's opinion, there are not many, like the future of the brand image, product terminal sales, I'm afraid there will be cut and dried relationship.

Today, we are going to talk about the first SUV production car of Xiaopeng Automobile, which is the Hema OEM out of the name IDENTY X. As a compact SUV slated for internet + new energy, it's only after learning about its product power that you realize that it's actually not that bad, and perhaps not in any bad way because of the Hema's slump.

Styling-wise, it's a bit more techy compared to the SUVs of the moment. On the front face, there is no grille, but the X-badge is still quite impressive. Moreover, the LED-lit headlights look quality. The IDENTY X has a wheelbase of 2610mm, well within the dimensions of a mid-range compact SUV. Most notably, on top of it, there is a camera unit that will serve, in the future, likely to play an important role in autonomous driving.

The interior, in fact, is not very different from the ordinary fuel car, including the large 15.6-inch screen design, which can be said to be the trend of the moment, this point can even be completely and Tesla's large screen to do PK. And, it's said to be equipped with an intelligent driver assistance system that will, reasonably, enable short distances, and autonomous driving in appropriate road conditions when it goes on sale. As for whether the technology is buggy, we don't know because we can't get a test car.

Powering the IDENTY X will be a permanent magnet synchronous motor with 190 hp, 5.8 seconds to 100 km and a range of around 300 km. In this way, meeting daily city driving will not be a problem at all.

Summary: As a Hema OEM Xiaopeng car product, after the market, I am afraid that it will also be sold in Hema's sales channels, which is not sure what kind of impression it will have on the publicity as well as positioning of Xiaopeng car? And in my opinion, a price tag of under $150,000 would probably be the maximum price range that consumers would accept!

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