Yaba! Two deals a minute! Changle this enterprise to create a "textile industry Taobao network"

Changle is an important textile industry base in China

Numerous small and medium-sized textile enterprises

In the face of the rapid growth of e-commerce, the

How does Changle textile industry actively embrace the Internet + and accelerate the pace of transformation?

What changes will the "Internet ++" bring to the textile industry?

Located in the Southeast China Big Data Industrial Park Fujian Sitting View Bu Pipe Network Technology Co. with an eye to the needs of local textile companies. Using the Internet to build lace online search and trading platforms. Promoting precise matching of supply and demand, guiding enterprises to transform from large-scale pre-production to customized production, helping to transform and upgrade the textile industry and opening up a new horizon.

Matching supply with demand

Ltd. is located in the industrial park building 8, office decoration full of lace elements, but also gives a sense of technology. Founded in 2014, the company is an innovative enterprise of "Internet+Lace".

Company CEO Jun Xie introduces:

We currently have two platforms, Tongsuo57 and LaceControl, with more than 9,000 companies, including 6,000 traders and 3,000 manufacturers, seeking more than 5,000 orders a day, and can make two orders of business every minute.

Its platform "Tongsuo57" was officially launched in May 2014, and is a professional Internet platform in the field of lace. Through the way of "information integration + image recognition + big data", we can find the map with the map and realize accurate flower search. Users can simply take a picture of a lace and upload it to the online platform, click to find the most matching product supplier, and then contact the manufacturer directly to discuss cooperation.

Not only that, through this platform to accumulate user data and understand the current hot products, we can guide the enterprises not to blindly produce and constantly improve the design process to keep up with the current fashion trends.

Its sister platform "Lace Control" offers 3D fitting services. For the lace patterns on the platform, see the results in the most visual 3D fitting, as if you were there to see the samples. At the same time, the platform provides lace products on display with clear prices to meet the needs of garment dealers to buy efficiently and in small quantities. "We have built the world's largest and most comprehensive lace product gallery, with 3 million sheets, and more than 80% of merchants on the national production and marketing end are on our platform." Junjun Xie said, "Our company has its own product design team, which can provide R&D and design services for enterprises to improve their production efficiency. "

Promoting Internet+ thinking in enterprises Guiding enterprises to produce on demand

Why was such a company formed in the first place?

Xie Junjun told reporters that Changle is a key textile region in the country, and the annual output of the lace industry accounts for about 60% of the world, but the added value of the product is low. In the past few years, in the context of the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, many small and medium-sized enterprises are losing money due to the disconnect between production and marketing.

After returning from overseas studies, under the influence of her own family, Jun Xie had the idea of establishing a lace B2B platform, Guide local lace fabric enterprises to "Internet +" transformation, to promote the idea of production and marketing docking.

"Our intelligent image recognition search engine integrates a global database of more than 700,000 lace items to retrieve matching suppliers for those in need." Xie Junjun introduced that the traditional business model of small and medium-sized enterprises is always product estimation first, then pre-production, and finally sales, which inevitably leads to product backlog and excess capacity due to inaccurate grasp of market demand, thus wasting resources.

Interview with Junjun Xie

After the establishment of the network platform, data mining and analysis of user search and transaction behavior can be conducted, thus tracking the market trend in a timely manner, guiding enterprises to produce according to demand and improving the efficiency of matching supply and demand, while also guiding enterprises to use the Internet for information management, strengthening information construction and reducing operating costs.

"Direction is more important than effort, the country's Industry 4.0 gives us confidence, our company made is the gospel of Changle textile industry, can not do, only shows that they can not." For the future development of the company, Jun Xie is full of confidence. He told reporters that they will feel one step at a time, using Internet thinking to deepen the field of textiles, in this world to play out their life value.

Source: Fuzhou Binhai Publishing

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