Yantai GuoGong: On the importance of MES manufacturing execution system in enterprise management

MES Manufacturing Execution System It can provide users with a rapid response, resilient and refined manufacturing environment, helping companies to reduce costs, deliver on time, improve product quality and enhance service quality (MES system ). Suitable for different industries (furniture, automotive, chemical, food, machinery, pharmaceutical), it can provide good enterprise information management for single high-volume production and mixed manufacturing enterprises with both multi-variety small and high-volume production.

as opposed toMES Manufacturing Execution System to say that the ERP/MRP environment is based on specific transactions. Its data exchange is in response to production scheduling, transportation arrangements or to production planning requirements. Unlike this, control decisions must be made in seconds or less, and it responds to the production process, the operator, or to the operational needs of the material. Clearly, the difference between real-time environment and real-time response affects the vast majority of specific transactions and execution at the control level. The traditional data and control flows have a huge gulf between the ERP and control layers. The traditional information management system reports to the general manager in charge of finance and the person in charge of financial management, which is at the management level, while the traditional engineering production information reports to the general manager in charge of production; the responsibilities are different and the communication between them is not always timely and detailed.

In contrast.MES Manufacturing Execution System --can provide material data that is relevant to production consumption, while generating material supply lead times based on precise execution times, which will improve warehouse control. An accurate production model is tightly linked to the actual measurements relative to the planned schedule and can thus be used to correct the process model, and it helps to accurately represent the real-time behavior of the production schedule.

In today's highly competitive world economy, a "best value" position requires the best quality, best customer service, lowest manufacturing costs, rapid response and flexibility. And to get to that level, the right information at the right time is necessary to make the best decisions possible. This requires continuous improvement of the common database, while giving each department the tools to turn data into useful information. How can you do all this? onlyMES Manufacturing Execution System It is only by doing so that you can truly offer these features to your business.

We have deeply felt that the MES manufacturing execution system, whether from the depth of professional applications, or from the breadth of integrated applications, is no longer a 'pie in the sky', but in real application in the enterprise, has created considerable economic benefits for the enterprise. Related reading. Introduction of automatic batching error-proof traceability system-Yantai Guogong Smart Technology Co.

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