Yino Instruments and you will meet in the 18th China Optical Network Seminar

The 18th China Optical Networking Symposium will be held in Beijing from June 13-14. As an international technical exchange event, renowned experts and industry leaders in the global optical communication field will come to the site to discuss the latest advances in optical communication systems, subsystems, equipment, formation and other hot topics, and how to transform optical networks more flexibly is also a hot topic.

Topics explored at this session include.

● Optical access networks

● Backbone and metropolitan area networks

● Transmission and transport networks

:: Data centre intranet and optical switching systems

● Optical devices

● Fiber optic cable

YN Instruments will bring its classic solutions to the meeting and demonstrate the latest optical communication technology on site, looking forward to communicating with industry experts and customers!

Yino Instruments Booth Details

Time: 13-14 June 2018

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing Yue Cai

Exhibition No.: A19

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