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YouTuber self-driving car kills one person in world's first self-driving car crash

Original title | YouTuber self-driving car hits and kills a line of people in the world's first fatal incident

According to foreign media reports, a driverless car developed independently by Uber (Uber) accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing the road, according to foreign media citing police sources reported that the female pedestrian has died, the cause of the crash is unknown. It was the world's first self-driving crash. YouTuber has temporarily suspended all field testing activities.

The world's first driverless taxi (automated pod) is in service.

Police did not release the identity of the deceased and did not reveal the time of the crash; nor did they reveal the cause of the accident, the report said. The accident occurred in Tempe, Arizona, in the southwestern United States (Tempe).

In late 2016, YouTubers first publicly tested driverless cars on the road. But a rollover accident in March 2017 has people continuing to question the safety of driverless cars.

The driverless vehicle developed by Uber is said to have the ability to automatically accelerate, decelerate, drive and perform other basic functions. When the built-in sensors detect another car suddenly swerving into its lane or running into something it can't recognize and handle, it terminates the driverless mode and emits a very loud beeping alarm.

The head of the YouTuber development centre has also said, "Drivers can choose to take control of their vehicles themselves at any time. While driving, the car's sensors also detected obstructive street parking, jaywalking pedestrians, bicyclists and even a goose crossing the road! "But the crash that killed the pedestrian casts a heavy shadow over YouTuber's driverless development.

According to the latest news, Uber has suspended its testing activities of a new driverless taxi on the roads of four North American cities in Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, Canada.

YouTuber said it would assist police in investigating the incident. YouTuber CEO Dara Khosrowsassi offered his condolences to the families of the victims.

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