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Young girl 6 days to develop a "second" 360 software, netizens: again to dig people!

Qihoo 360 as China's network security is a very important brand, product updates, user experience need the support of a large pool of talent, and this Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications female students have received the olive branch of 360.

The reason is because she made a software that was so popular that back when she was a senior in college, she expressed curiosity about whether the personal data deleted from her phone was actually deleted cleanly!

And I developed some small program myself, first read the information in the phone memory card, delete it all and then generate some random data, so that since then the source files of the previous files are disappeared.

After posting it online it received unanimous praise from netizens, and 360 Software Security acknowledged her software and officially invited her to work for 360.

It's safe to say that this young lady has taken what she usually learns and put it to good use, gaining recognition for her true talent. How does it look to everyone? Feel free to comment below and retweet!

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