You're right not to buy the full-screen in 2017, but these mobile phone "black technology" in 2018 is too cool!

2017 has been a war-torn year for the mobile industry and the competition is getting fierce. Mobile phone manufacturers have gone to great lengths to attract consumers with various innovative technologies. Like last year's full-screen and face recognition, almost has become the standard for the flagship of major manufacturers, want to improve the user experience, there must be technical innovation and breakthroughs, so the 2018 mobile phone industry change trend inevitable, so what kind of changes will occur in mobile phones this year int? I think there may be these main ones.


full-screenIt's not a new word anymore., However, the current market for full-screen The phones are mostly18:9 of full-screen, In the words of Luo“Almost” full-screen, In the eyes of many consumers, It's not like full-screen, So still looking forward to the real full-screen of the arrival of mobile phones。

Wireless charging

This year Apple'siPhone 8/X Back to the glass body, and support Wireless charging, along withiPhoneX hot selling, I'm sure a ton of Android manufacturers will follow next year, The time is coming when you can put your phone down and charge it! immediate release and recharge, Automatic inductive charging。 It's cool, though., But personally, I don't think this is a feature that many people are looking forward to!

AI artificial intelligence

With the addition of the AI chip, it can provide users with better performance, stronger photos and longer battery life, as well as a great improvement for user privacy and security, bringing users numerous smart experiences. Whether it's the Kirin 970, Snapdragon 845 or Apple A11, all come with some AI processing power, and 2018 is likely to be a big year for AI in phones.

facial recognition

At the same time as full-screen is becoming popular, Apple's radical move to abandon fingerprint recognition for face recognition - Face ID - on the iPhone X stands out. The major Android manufacturers are also following the trend with new flagships that include face recognition. But we all know that Android face recognition is based on 2D image recognition technology, and Apple's 3D technology is still a big gap, so that this year Android phones in 3D face recognition will also be a major development direction.

Under-screen fingerprint

This feature is believed to be what most users are looking forward to, next yeariPhoneX Before it was released, It was rumored to be used Under-screen fingerprint, But the truth is that Apple went straight to a new facial recognition(Face ID), Ditch the fingerprint unlock。 Although Apple has abandoned fingerprint recognition but Android will continue to go deeper in fingerprint, After all, many people still hate rear fingerprints, The front will affect the screen-to-body ratio again, So only Under-screen fingerprint That's the highlight.。synaptics The first of its kind has been developed Under-screen fingerprint sensors。

OLED screen

From this year's mobile phone screen development trend, OLED screen has gradually become the mainstream, this year's flagship will certainly be used under the OLED screen, OLED screen has the advantage of vivid picture quality, power saving. There is of course the downside of screen burning over time. That doesn't stop OLED screens from becoming a mainstream screen stumbling block, though. In addition OLED screen has a big feature - bendable, foldable, smartphones are generally straight, experience a different intelligence, but also easy to carry, and folding screen concept phone Samsung mobile phones should be the first to achieve. But it's hard to say if it will happen in 2018, so it's good to believe.

What do you think about these technology trends for mobile phones in 2018? Which black technology are you most excited about? Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion. oh.

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