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Yueyang government website is the first in the province to achieve "a city a platform"

All the websites in Yueyang City have been integrated and consolidated into the Yueyang City Government Website Group Platform in accordance with the unified standard specification, unified background management, unified database and unified security operation and maintenance, and centrally deployed in the Municipal Government Cloud Center, taking the lead in the province to achieve the construction goal of "one city, one platform".

In recent years, Yueyang City has actively explored innovative mechanisms for the intensive construction and development of government websites, combined with the national government website census, increased the integration of government websites, and solidly promoted the intensive construction of the city's government websites. After the site is centralized, not only accumulates a huge amount of data, but also gives each unit department to reduce the construction, operation and maintenance burden and security risks arising from the previous self-built websites, so that each unit department can focus on content protection and pay more attention to the construction of the content of government websites. At the same time, millions of dollars in annual savings in operations and maintenance can be achieved, greatly reducing the capital investment.

It is understood that after the city's government websites have been centralized to achieve unified functions, all websites have achieved open government affairs, office services, interactive communication and information sharing. Citizens can access information and data from all departmental websites on the municipal government portal, and the workflow of all websites for office services and advisory services has been further standardized and standardized.

(Reporter Xie Ling)

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