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Yuzhong District accelerates the intelligent development of big data and strives to exceed 40 billion yuan in the scale of intelligent industry by 2022

Yuzhong District Speeds Up Internet Service Industry.

This morning (9), the reporter learned from the Yuzhong District big data intelligent development press conference, the city is vigorously promote big data intelligent innovation-driven development, accelerate the "Made in Chongqing" to "Chongqing create" "Made in Chongqing" transformation. Yuzhong District, as one of the core areas of the city's key development of big data intelligence, is actively integrated into the city's layout, based on its own advantages, focusing on key industries, focusing on key areas, aggregating application development, and "empowering" the economic and social development of Yuzhong. We strive to introduce and cultivate more than 100 intelligent industry enterprises by 2020, and the scale of intelligent industry will reach 30 billion yuan, and exceed 40 billion yuan by 2022.

In recent years, Yuzhong District adheres to the direction of modern service industry as the main focus, and accelerates the promotion of six key industries such as Internet service industry, which has achieved remarkable results. It has been awarded the titles of National E-commerce Demonstration Base, National Advanced District of Science and Technology Progress, National High Technology Service Industry Base, and National Smart City Pilot City.

The next step is for Yuzhong District to start 4 areas of precise efforts to accelerate the development of big data intelligent industry.

Yuzhong District is one of the city's key core areas for the development of big data intelligence.

Vigorous development of 6 digital industries

Big data application industry. Take the basic field of big data as a grip, actively integrate into the city's artificial intelligence industry chain, strengthen the deep application in e-commerce, human resources and other fields, and build the city's big data application industry demonstration area.

Blockchain Industry. Deeply digging the economic and social value of the industry, building the whole industrial chain, constructing blockchain supervisory science and technology labs and industrial alliances, forming a three-dimensional space for blockchain applications with cross-sector and cross-scene interlinking, and building a national blockchain characteristic industrial base.

Digital content industry. Relying on digital technology for creation, production, dissemination and service, it will digitally develop the culture of the Mother City and the war resistance culture to tell Yuzhong's story and make it Chongqing's brand.

At the same time, it will focus on the front end of the industry chain and make efforts to develop the software service industry, industrial Internet industry and integrated circuit design industry, forming Yuzhong's characteristics and industrial clusters, and developing in a staggered manner and in line with the surrounding districts and counties.

Focus on 4 major regions

Great new petrochemical area. This area is the "main battlefield" for the development of big data intelligence in Yuzhong. Focus on the development of blockchain, big data applications, industrial Internet and other industries, and make every effort to build Chongqing "chain island" intelligent industry cluster.

E-commerce and creative industry parks.Focusing on industries such as big data applications, software services and digital content, the company will focus on such carriers as Shangqingsi Internet Industrial Park and U Creative Space, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, expand the agglomeration effect, and strive to form an industrial agglomeration with outstanding features, complete chains and perfect functions by 2020.

Historic and Cultural District. Vigorously develop digital content, big data applications and other industries, promote Raffles and other projects to enhance the level of intelligence, technology, the use of the Internet of Things, energy center management and other advanced technologies to create a smart city application "model project". Integrate the rich cultural and tourism resources in the area, strengthen the application of artificial intelligence, meet the diversified needs of tourists and enhance tourism services.

Jiefangbei Central Business District. Accelerate the development of new industries such as big data applications and digital content, give full play to the "Internet+" empowerment effect, accelerate the development of online and offline integration in the retail trade, and promote the upgrading of traditional industries.

Investing in the development of 3 major applications

Yuzhong District will focus on commercial, government, civilian 3 major sectors, 24 areas, to start 42 applications, so that big data intelligence "take root" "blossom".

Commercial side. Priority is given to accelerating applications in six areas, including digital culture, smart tourism, digital finance, smart business, smart healthcare, and smart professional services, to lead economic transformation and upgrading.

Political use. Digging deeper into the value of the application of big data intelligence in government work, building a "grid-based + intelligent" social governance system, building a number of government application platforms, so that data run more and the public run less.

Civilian use. Focus on five applications, including smart education, smart community, smart social security, smart employment and entrepreneurship, and smart transportation, to better solve the "pain points", "blockages" and "difficulties" of people's livelihood.

Strengthen safeguards to promote quality development

Increased policy support. Encourage and guide social capital to increase investment in the whole chain of innovative enterprises, strictly implement various policies to reduce the cost of enterprises in the real economy and reduce the burden on enterprises.

Improving infrastructure. It will vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the network, promote the construction of "optical network Yuzhong", prioritize the layout of 5G network, and accelerate the construction of a new generation of high-speed, mobile, secure and ubiquitous information infrastructure.

Build an innovation platform. Actively build science and technology innovation R&D platform, service platform and patent platform, and fully support the development of big data intelligent industry.

Priority talent security. Attract talent, introduce talent, train talent, and strive to build the city's big data intelligent talent gathering highland.

Create a climate for development. Promote win-win cooperation between the government and enterprises and social institutions, and mobilize the whole society to actively participate in supporting the development of big data intelligence.

Text: Reporter He Yu

Photo: Reporter Tang Anbing

Editor: He Yu Typesetting: Sun Tongjie

Review: Yang Yi Yi

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