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ZG.TOP, the global version of CrowdShares, announces it has received a blockchain trading license in Mongolia

ZG. TOP CrowdShares Global Edition in GBC Mongolia Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Blockchain Financial Trading License Awarding Ceremony was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mr. Wei Shen, head of GBC Global Blockchain Research Center, and Mr. Chao Qian, CEO of ZG.TOP, attended the awarding ceremony.

ZG. TOP in GBC Mongolia Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Blockchain Financial Trading License Award Ceremony

GBC Global Blockchain Research Center is an independent scientific research institution in the field of blockchain established by the governments of China and Mongolia. Its high-tech park is the core bearing area of Mongolia's blockchain technology, headquartered in the center of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with a total area of more than 110,000 square meters and a total construction area of about 200,000 square meters, covering a variety of technology businesses such as commercial integrated service area, international business office area, high-end living residential area, high-tech research experimental area and digital mining area, which has been fully supported by Mongolia's national policy.

GBC Establishment Ceremony (Chinese and Mongolian government leaders cut the ribbon for GBC Hi-Tech Industrial Park)

At this award ceremony, Mr. Shen Wei introduced the main business segments of GBC, including blockchain digital asset exchange, mining mining machine hosting services, capital management and blockchain-related industry operating licenses.

GBC representative Mr. Shen Wei introduced the blockchain industry in the park

ZG. TOP is a leading global blockchain asset trading platform, a global version of the former China Zone Crowd Stock Network, headquartered in Mongolia and part of Mongolia's ZG Top Technology Co. The original is a top 5 multi-currency trading platform in the China region, established in March 2015, the brand has been in place for 3 years. After ZG.TOP wholly acquired ZG.TOP, the platform will import 300,000 effective users of the original ZG.TOP and launch the new top-level domain name ZG.TOP, while promoting the platform's global operation.

ZG. Speech by TOP CEO Mr. Qian

At the award ceremony, CEO Qian said: with the original resources of, ZG. TOP platform can quickly complete a large number of original effective user accumulation and visibility exposure, drawing and transforming a large number of operating experience of the crowd stock network, greatly enhancing the trust of the platform. ZG. TOP will develop business segments containing exchanges, ZGlabs, ZGfund, ZGtoken, ZGtechnology, etc.

Signing by representatives of both sides

ZG. With excellent corporate philosophy and professionalism, and in the spirit of "reciprocity, mutual benefit, stability, permanence, efficiency and quality", both TOP and GBC are working together to unite the strength of the industry through group development and resource sharing.

ZG. The successful conclusion of TOP's presence in GBC Hi-Tech Industrial Park and the awarding ceremony of blockchain financial trading license, as well as the establishment of the exchange alliance, marked the formation of a deep strategic partnership between all parties, and this special ceremony will open up a brand new voyage for the continuation of the blockchain trading platform brand of

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