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Zero Code Programming Tool - Spider Web System Official Version 1.0 Released

The official version 1.0 of Spider Web System is officially released, which contains 4 product lines, namely AutoBI, DataView, EasyMIS, QuickCMS, and the related codes have been uploaded, please download and use them.


Professional intelligent reporting components that allow engineers to quickly build highly professional intelligent reports with zero code

Data View Large Screen Data Display

Professional data visualization components to help engineers build professional-level visualization applications through a graphical interface in a hurry to meet the display needs of various businesses such as early warning and alarm, data analysis, and diversified display

Easy MIS for easy information management

Professional MIS system components, the whole process of writing no code, can let programmers focus more on business, using the components to build blocks to build enterprise-class applications, greatly saving the cost of enterprises

Quick CMS - Fast Information Distribution

Professional website building components, zero code writing, drag and drop the desired website, style, WYSIWYG configuration mode, so that the website building becomes a fun thing, you can build your desired website system in minutes

The latest 4 product line optimizes and fixes a series of previous bugs and is highly recommended, on which you can quickly build your business logic and generate your business system. The next installment of the spider system will add excel templating so you can program business logic just like you would edit excel, so stay tuned!

Beijing Spider Web Times Technology Co.

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