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Gravity Declaration: Value, Build, Share, Glory

Hello, I'm Jackie Cheung, known in the circle as: the old Dragon King. My totem is a golden dragon that rises in the air. I graduated from Chongqing University Business School and have two companies of my own, one in the non-ferrous metals industry and one in the chemical industry.

Knew about bitcoin in late '13 and started buying it in '14. Digital firecoins of interest are: ethereum, ado, future, little ant, quantum, ipfs , cosmos, etc.

He has been doing community building since 17 years and is the founder of the Wuku On Chain. Blockchain Silicon Valley Founder, head of ipfs Shanghai community, co-founder of Shanghai Blockchain Club.

1. Let me describe the view of the gravitational zone.

The first time I heard about EOS Gravity Zone was introduced to me by Dasan of Waterdrop Capital in November 17, and the first time I saw the word gravity I thought of Newton's law of gravity, the description of gravity in physics: one of the fundamental forces of nature, the tendency of objects with mass to accelerate closer to each other.

The most familiar is magnetic gravity, and then there is the attraction between men and women. (The editor is inexplicably shy for a moment)

EOS Gravity Zone is an attractive value community from the first impression. An attractive community is definitely an ecological community, from EOS knowledge popularization, technical analysis, application introduction, information sharing to EOS value consensus, sharing together the dividends that Gravity Zone brings to participants.

2. Next I will say more about my perception of EOS.

If ETH is a blockchain for regular users, then EOS is a blockchain for enterprise commercial grade.through (a gap)EOS From the moment the white paper was born,EOS concrete concepts harmony The vision to be realized is destinedEOS It's the King.。

Whether it's solving latency, millions of TPS, using the most advanced DPOS consensus mechanism, or zero transaction fees, etc., none of them reveal the sign of the king. It's still a while before the main web is online, but already there are 10,000 chains of congratulations and the gods are claiming the title.

3. Regarding my strengths in community.

We, Wugu On Chain, were founded in 17 years, with 25 founding warriors, 25 warriors who are all blockchain rivers and lakes, Wugu On Chain has Blockchain Silicon Valley , ipfs, media, blockchain business school and other communities, with over 30 3 o'clock groups and over 100 25 hour groups. Extensive experience in community management.

I usually like to do some writing, and a while back I wrote a. A Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Perspective Interpretation of the Changes Blockchain Brings to Our FutureStrong concerns were raised.

4. let me elaborate on the reasons for wanting to become an EOS Gravity Zone core node.

First. I agree.EOS Gravity Zone Value Concept, Vision for the future of the Gravitational Zone harmony The blueprint appealed to me。 Second is the glory attribution, I have joined the EOS gravity zone nodes have a sense of glory, and the gravity zone will be glorified by having a value node like me.

5. If I become a core node, what can I contribute to the Gravity Zone community.

(1) Relying on our Wukoku On Chain platform, the influence of all the Genesis Warriors, actively promote the EOS Gravity Zone on various social media platforms to create a good community image of the Gravity Zone.

(2) Take advantage of our regular offline events twice a week, harmony Members of our community share information about the Gravity Zone, Let more of theEOS Hobbyists Get Involved in the Gravity Zone Community。

(3) Use our community media platforms to cover harmony advocacyEOS knowledge-related, Progress in the construction of the Gravitational Zone, Construction results。

(4) Give timely and rationalized advice to community members who invest in EOS.

This is a global The largest EOS community

Here it is. blockchain Cutting-edge news

Here it is. Blockchain Industry Most experienced practitioners

Here are the most professional technologist harmony Market Analyst

Here it is. Professional Community Operations Team

Now, here's a copy Enjoy all of the above work

You, not coming? the underside sweep

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